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Speelman: A master manipulator

26 January 2024
Evil walks and talks.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

Speelman has made his escape and his ultimate goal is to get to Reyka. Will he find her? What will he do if he does? Only time will tell. Let's take a look at what a master manipulator he can be.

Outsmarting Dr Lawrence
Speelman uses Dr Lawrence's trust in him, as well as his ambition, in his favour, allowing the good doctor to believe he has changed for the better. After Speelman's escape, Dr Lawrence warns Reyka that Speelman had a setback after hearing the news about his sick mother. Was Speelman playing Dr Larewnce all along or did he have a true moment of remorse?

Hiding in plain sight
Speelman outsmarts the cops by hiding in the back of a truck. He pulled this off by bribing the driver to play along in exchange for his watch. He manages to make a clean escape.

A bed for the night
Even evil needs to rest. Homeless and desperate, Speelman manages to get a bed for the night by trading in his belt. The man has super survival instincts and his survival mode has kicked in.

Visit to Mr Jacobs
We get to see what a master manipulator Speelman truly is when he visits Zain's father, Mr Jacobs, pretending to be his son's doctor. Mr Jacobs falls for the disguise and engages in a deep conversation with Speelman, unaware that he is talking to an evil man. Things get eerier when Speelman catches sight of Mr Jacobs's granddaughter, who perhaps reminds him of a young Reyka.

Reuniting with Portia
Old habits die hard. Speelman tracks down Portia and takes her down memory lane. He tugs at her emotions by mentioning Reyka, baby Gabriel, and the love they once shared. He manages to manipulate her into letting him in to make a phone call to his dying mother. Cautious at first, Portia eventually lets him in, proving he still has power over her. 

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