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Wish you were here – Recipes for Love and Murder

06 April 2022
Scotland’s Edinburgh is a traveller’s treasure.
Royal Mile in Edinburgh_Recipes for Love and Murder

Dear viewers,

After seeing that Tannie Maria has a connection to Scotland, we couldn’t help but visit, with Edinburgh as our main stop. 🌇

As you know, walking along Europe’s cobble stoned roads has long been a dream. Now that we are in Edinburgh, reality surpasses the dream.

We’ve seen these attractions so far.

Edinburgh Castle

This city would not be the same without this magnificent structure dominating the skyline. Numerous Scottish royals used it as a residence, but today it is more of a tourist attraction/ barracks. Seeing the gun fired at 13:00 was so thrilling and exploring the huge cold rooms of the castle was amazing. 

Arthur’s Seat

We didn’t expect to see an extinct volcano in the middle of this bustling hub, but there you go. That is the beauty of travel. According to the city’s tourism website: “Set within Holyrood Park, a short walk from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the heart of the city, Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano, which sits 251m above sea level and gives excellent views of the city.”

Royal Mile

Having Edinburgh Castle on one end, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse on the other, this path is a historian’s dream come true because of its ancient treasures such as St Giles cathedral, Gladstone’s Land, The Real Mary King’s Close, and John Knox House. 💒 There was a group of fortune tellers too, and we saw them for fun. And no, we will not reveal what they foretold. 😆🔮

We really wish you could also revel in this glorious gothic city.

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With all our love,

Image: The High Street, part of the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh's Old Town at night. The City Chambers, the seat of Edinburgh's local government is on the left. (John Lawson, Belhaven/Getty)