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Kind regards – Recipes for Love and Murder

26 May 2022
Last lines.
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Warning! Contains spoilers.

The killer has been caught! Thanks to Tannie Maria's determination and Jessie's intrepid spirit, Martine and Lawrence's murderer was caught...and killed! It was a dramatic conclusion to an action-packed and delicious mystery drama, sprinkled with a good dose of humour. It's safe to say, fans are going to miss Tannie M and her fellow citizens in Eden.





The killer getting his comeuppance wasn't the only good news...Tannie Maria and Khaya finally faced their feelings for each other.





But let's talk about that cliffhanger ending! Maria's Scottish peeps showing up on her Karoo doorstep left us scratching our chins and begging for season 2. 







For now, the Sunday night movies are moving back to their usual slot, starting with the Jackie Chan actioner, Vanguard. Check out the trailer below.

If you missed Recipes for Love and Murder, catch up on all ten episodes with DStv. Start bingeing here.