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How to talk to animals – Recipes for Love and Murder

29 March 2022
They certainly lend a good ear.
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Dear viewers,

This week, we’ve seen Tannie Maria talk to her hen, Fishpond, about her hiding her eggs. 🐣 These eggs were needed for the mouth-watering chocolate cake she had made.

While many of us – nay, most of us – do not have hens, we certainly have the furry variety of pets.

We thought we’d recommend these four conversations to have with the animal in your life, be it dog, bird, fish, or cat. 🐟 🐱🐩 Anything really.

The gush

This is when you can’t get over how cute your creature is and you shower them with compliment after compliment, with no end in sight:
“Who is the best boy in the world?”
“I love you so much!”
“Look at that face, just look at it!”
“My little squishy floofness!”
“Do you know how much I love you?”
“OMG, how can you be so cute!”
Naturally, these are interrupted by joyful intervals of hugging and kissing.

The therapeutic session

In this instance, you’ve have a bad day and you come home to the unconditional love of an animal. And the floodgates open. You tell them every detail of the bad day while they patiently listen, and still love you regardless. This can also be accompanied by a snotty, ugly cry (yours, not your pet).

The reprimand

Pets can also have bad days. So if they’ve chewed on the couch, dug up your garden, or ruined your curtains, you can try your best to give them a stern talking-to. This is usually short-lived and followed by a form of The Gush where you apologise profusely for saying such things and have intervals of hugging and kissing.

The existential crisis

There are some days it is easy to question why we are here? How do we make sense of the world? Why is a carrot orange? Pose these questions to your pet, they will listen without judgement, silently reminding you it is the small things that matter: treats, kisses, and walks.

This is what we’ve seen from you on the Twitter streets when we asked whether you do talk to your fur babies.

We can’t wait to keep on hearing from you on Twitter (MNet), Instagram (mnettv) and Facebook (M-Net). 

With all our love,