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Recipes For Love And Murder

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A recipe made for success

23 March 2022
It’s a winning combination.
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Dear viewers,

It has been overwhelming, in a good way, to see your reaction to our latest African mystery drama, Recipes for Love and Murder, based on the Sally Andrew novel. 😁

We are incredibly humbled and thankful to have your support, and for the love you show our characters. 😍 Sometimes we suspect you love them as much as we do.

In this story, we are introduced to the fictional small town of Eden in the Karoo. And when a murder occurs, it grabs everyone’s attention. Things like that just don’t happen there.

These reactions from Twitter grabbed our attention and we wanted to share it with all of you.  

There are the husband haters who think the abusive hubby is to blame for the killing of Martine because she worked up the courage to leave him.

There was genuine sympathy for the murder victim, Martine. 😥

There are those observant viewers noting the protagonist’s whimsical ways. We see you! We reckon Tannie Maria uses food as a coping mechanism and a love language. 🍧

People who read the book shared what they thought. 📖 And of course, these readers are immaculately articulate.

Watch this interview with author, Sally Andrew:

And finally, from the actors, there was anticipation before the show started. ✨

Arno Greeff plays cop, Regardt:

From our lead, Tannie Maria:

And the detective Hattie seems to be smitten with, Khaya:

Remember to see how the show progresses on Sundays at 20:00.

Thank you once again. We can’t wait to keep on hearing from you on Twitter (MNet), Instagram (mnettv) and Facebook (M-Net). 

With all our love,