Ray Donovan 3 Express




About the show

Season 3 finds Ray adrift from his business associates over the murder of Kate McPherson, and from his family after Abby’s affair. An opportunity for change arises when Ray meets billionaire Malcolm Finney, who needs Ray’s help managing his dysfunctional children: his black sheep son Casey and his cut-throat daughter Paige. The siblings jockey for control over the family affairs, and as Ray becomes a driving force in the Finney empire, he discovers the price of ascension into the world of billionaires. Meanwhile, his father Mickey, who narrowly escaped last season's heist debacle with Darryl, stumbles into a business opportunity in the hopes of building his own empire, Mickeystyle. Terry struggles to find purpose as he serves time for the pot store heist, his worsening Parkinson’s symptoms impacting his mind. With Terry away, Bunchy has taken over as manager at the Fite Club and finds himself drawn to a tough new member who won’t pay her dues. Abby tries to support her family, but when she feels everyone pushing her away, she tries to reconnect with her old life in Southie. Bridget struggles with a strict teacher at her new private school, as Conor blunders his way into adolescent sexuality. Please note that Episode 5 on 11 August will start at 03:30.

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