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What Makes Power Couple Unique?

10 September 2015
Since spring has started, you can’t have missed the excitement around Power Couple SA.
what makes power couple unique

Since spring has started, you can’t have missed the excitement around Power Couple SA. Starting on 10 September at 19:30, M-Net is the first English language channel in the world to air the romantic reality show.

Before you tune into Episode 1 to see what awaits the eight South African couples in the luxurious Power Couple villa in Camps Bay, take a look at what makes the show unique, and a must-watch on M-Net.

Sharing Strategy

Couples are the name of the game, literally; but nothing’s stopping them from forming bonds and discussing openly how best to invest in the game, and one another. When elimination time rolls around, fellow couples are fair game when it comes to topics of discussion. Keeping a secret won’t be easy!

Fit and Fighting

It’s all well and good if you’re quick-thinking and sharp-witted, but couples will find that they need to exert themselves physically as well. The season promises plenty of thrilling challenges that are sure to leave many couples huffing, puffing and using muscles they didn’t even know they had.

You Are Not Alone

Since people come into Power Couple as part of a pair, it means they’re not alone when they start the game. From the get go, every one in Power Couple has a familiar shoulder to lean (or cry) on when times get rough; but, again, everyone may play open cards, which means we might see partnerships form between pairs.

Life Goes On

Couples have access to the outside world; so don’t be surprised if you see laptops and cellphones floating around. However, if couples want to go all in on love, they need to focus on the game and not be waylaid too often by digital distractions.

Dishing out the Drama

Challenges will provide plenty of action, and eliminations will bring the suspense. In between these events couples will have to keep busy and build relationships with others in the villa. There’s no denying it’s a beautiful location, and couples will get lots of time to relax and enjoy the view of Camps Bay; but it’s still a new place away from home with a group of strangers, and we’re sure sparks will fly.

Romantic Getaway

Will Power Couple SA bring pairs closer as they spend more time together than they usually would? There’s bound to be a tense moment or two between partners as they struggle for power within their relationships, and in the game; but we’re holding out for a fair share of romance, because when it comes right down to it: it’s about love!

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