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This is How Power Couple SA Works

02 September 2015
Eight couples from all over South Africa are moving in together into a glamorous villa in Cape Town, to compete in a brand-new, romantic, feel-good reality game that finds out if betting on True Love pays off.
How it works

Girls and Guys Challenges

The couples will be faced with a series of challenges – some fun, some scary, some just plain grueling. Some challenges will be performed by the guys and some by the girls.

At the start of each cycle of challenges (Girls and Guys challenge), each couple will start off with R50 000 in their virtual “Electronic Wallets”.

Before each challenge, one partner will wager on the other partner’s ability to perform that challenge successfully. If their partner triumphs, they win the sum of money that they had invested. 

If the partner fails, the money they invested gets subtracted from their total. 

Couple's Challenge

After one challenge to the guys and one to the girls, a Couple’s Challenge – which they perform together, as a team – will determine which two couples will be up for Elimination at the end of that cycle.

Together, our contestants will face challenges that will expose their strengths and weaknesses – both as individuals and as a team – and test how well they really know each other.


To stay in the game, each couple also has to get along with all the other couples in the villa – because every other week, at the end of each cycle of challenges, it’s their housemates who determine which couple gets to stay a little longer – and which couple leaves, with nothing.

Winning Power Couple

In the end, the two couples that know each other the best and have played the game the most strategically will make it through to the end and then you – the viewer – will decide who will become South Africa’s first “Power Couple” ... and take home all the money that they had earned.

“Power Couple” ... All in ... on Love!

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