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That Moment When

10 December 2015
The first season of Power Couple SA brought with it highs, lows, laughs and lots of drama.
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The first season of Power Couple SA brought with it highs, lows, laughs and lots of drama. In anticipation of the live finale tomorrow night at 19:30 on M-Net, where the first-ever winner of Power Couple SA will be revealed, we decided to throw back to the best moments from the past few months.

The Arrival

It might not seem like a big deal, but it stands out because it was the first moment of the first episode of the first season. No one – not the couples nor the audience – knew what to expect. Add to that the first glimpses of the stunning villa the couples occupied and this moment was a winner.


Power Play

Alliances. Cliques. Besties. Almost from the get-go these words buzzed through the villa, and viewers often bemoaned the couples’ insistence on turning the show into “Power Friendship” instead of “Power Couple”.

Juran and Juanita, as the first eliminated couple, did not have much chance to create cliques. Gift and Bana, the second couple out, stood out by standing back, often spending time alone instead of with other couples.

Filled with many tough competitors, couples were battling everyone else in the villa during challenges. For some the power struggle happened within their relationship. Nowhere was this more true than with Dean and Crystal, with many on screen and off voicing their opinion about how hard Dean was on his wife. But the couple saw a real turn in their relationship, inspiring others in the villa, and seeing the two through to the final four.

The closest couples in the house were undoubtedly PJ & Marzanne and Dyll & Vix, becoming "besties" during the course of the season. They even got to relax at the Bay Hotel together after the latter won a couples’ challenge and took PJ and Marzanne along.

However, now that we’ve reached the end it’s all about couples again, and tomorrow night we’ll get to see which one has the most power.

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Face Off

It wasn’t always sunshine and smiles in the villa, especially after the clique debacle led to a big blow out between Ivan and Mo. Differing on strategy when it came to elimination, the two men had a go at each other about how couples should vote. Constantly drawing others into the fracas as they debated the definition of relationships and alliances, we cringed often, and mumbled “awkward” a lot. But let’s be honest: the drama had you glued to the screen, right?

A face off of a different kind went down between Emile & Razia and PJ & Marzanne when they battled it out in a sudden death for a spot in the final two. Made to hold a box containing 20% of their body weight, viewers and couples were emotionally wraught as they watched the two popular couples strain under the burden for the chance at glory while enduring wind, ice, water and fire.


Girl Power

The ladies had to endure a lot during the first season. When they weren’t tied up at dizzying heights or having their general knowledge tested they were changing tyres in the sky or being suspended upside down. In fact now that we think about it, the ladies were often far above ground level – talk about bringing new meaning to “placing them on a pedestal!”


As for the worst challenge? We’d have to go with having to stomach sheep eyes and testicles, as well as ox liver and trotters. It was a task so gruesome and gruelling that none, bar Marzanne, managed to complete it.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy

It can’t be all drama, all day. Sometimes you need a little something to relieve the tension, and several of the challenges saw to that. The karaoke challenge certainly guaranteed laugh out loud moments, as the men screeched along to popular songs their other halves had to identify.  

The men also had us rolling on the floor when they had to gallivant in heels on a revolving platform, searching for their ladies’ clothes. The discomfort, the clumsiness, the toppling over all led to plenty of belly-aching laughs – turning Power Couple into something of a dramedy.


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