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Tempers rise as surprise twist is revealed

16 October 2015
Sparks flew between Mo and Ivan on Power Couple SA after a couples' challenge that blew open their already existing interpersonal cracks.
power couple episode 6

Sparks flew between Mo and Ivan on Power Couple SA after a couples' challenge that blew open their already existing interpersonal cracks.

At the start of the episode, the six remaining couples returned to the villa in Camps Bay in a sombre and reflective mood after the harrowing girls’ challenge which called for the ladies to eat all sorts of unappetising, raw animal parts. At the end of that challenge, Mo and Phindi, as well as Ivan and Roshila, were left at the bottom of the money ladder, with zero in their respective electronic wallets. After Gift and Bana’s elimination two episodes ago, Mo and Ivan had already butted heads about voting strategy in the house. Little did they know that going into the latest couples' challenge would result in extremely heated confrontations.

Host Ryan O’Connor welcomed everyone to the warehouse where the challenge was revealed: each couple was assigned a giant empty cocktail glass on one end of the room. On the opposite end were cups and containers filled with coloured liquid – one for each couple. The challenge: to fill up each other’s glasses as quickly as possible. The couple whose glass was filled first, would lose the challenge. All of this would take place while each couple was harnessed together, meaning they’d have to be quick on their feet, as well as quick-thinking.

Upon realising that this meant openly and specifically targeting other couples, Ivan and Roshila immediately decided to fill their own glass, essentially forfeiting the challenge and putting themselves up for elimination. This was a bold move, as it indicated that they felt so safe in their friendships with the rest of the couples that they were confident enough to go into an elimination, believing they would not be voted out. Dyllan overheard Ivan’s strategy, so he and Viki colluded to help them in their task. PJ also joined in, unbeknownst to Marzanne who was forced to go along with him, thanks to them being harnessed together back-to-back.

Ivan and Roshila succeeded with their plan, ultimately losing the challenge and putting themselves up for elimination. Because Mo and Phindi also had liquid in their glass it meant they did not win the challenge, and would go up against Ivan and Roshila for elimination, as they had the least money in their kitty after Ivan and Roshila. A tie-break was to determine the winners, and ultimately Viki and Dyl walked away victorious, adding an extra R25 000.00 to their account.

But then Ryan revealed a twist: there would be no elimination in this cycle, meaning that Ivan’s strategy was ultimately in vain. Moreover, Viki and Dyllan won an amazing reward of spa pampering, gourmet dinner and a sleep over at the incredible Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. In yet another surprise move, they were allowed to choose another couple to join them in the reward. Despite Ivan and Roshila’s forfeit to save their friends from potentially losing the challenge, Viki and Dyl chose to invite PJ and Marzanne with them to enjoy the treats at The Bay Hotel.

While they were enjoying their luxurious reward, the rest of the couples retreated to the villa where Ivan and Mo, along with Phindi and Roshila, ended up having multiple heated confrontations about the challenge. Mo and Phindi felt that it was not fair game or particularly sportsmanly to have thrown the challenge, while Ivan and Roshila argued that they were doing everyone a favour. Ivan admitted that they felt secure enough to go into an elimination against Mo and Phindi, because they have better relationships with the rest of the couples in the villa.

These may all have been moot points, given that no elimination was to take place, but the battle lines have officially been drawn, with no love lost between Mo and Ivan. Next week, the girls' challenge will test their general knowledge and will shock the guys…literally! They will have to be quick to answer questions while being plunged in and out of water. As if conflict was not rife enough, certain couples will have their feathers ruffled because of low investments and their partner's abilities on the day.

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