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Power Couple SA: Episode 3

25 September 2015
In the latest episode of Power Couple SA, the guys took the spotlight twice in some hilarious but high stakes challenges.
power couple ep 3 summary

In the latest episode of Power Couple SA, the guys took the spotlight twice in some hilarious but high stakes challenges. After last week’s first elimination where the only unmarried couple in the house, Juran and Juanita, were unanimously voted out, the new cycle of challenges this week gave the remaining seven couples a chance to make more money, but also saw some couples lose big.

The guys were up first in a challenge that tested how calm they could remain under time pressure, as well as their balancing skills, when they were tasked to recognise a certain number of items of their partner's clothing on a rotating platform filled with clothes, all while wearing heels! They needed to be light on their feet and quick witted if they were to be successful. Emile and Razia - both in the fashion industry - are a couple who shop for each other, but how would they wager given the fact that they made the most money last week but still found themselves up for elimination after losing the Couples' Challenge?

Razia ended up betting R38 000.00 on Emile, but taking a huge risk this round was Phindi, who invested a whopping R41 000.00 on Mo. In the end, it paid off for these two couples, but not for Dyllan and Viki or for Gift and Bana, who both lost out and ended up with a mere R15 000.00 in their kitties after the Guys Challenge. PJ also narrowly failed the challenge, leaving him and Marzanne with R20 000.00 in their electronic wallet.

With the stakes raised, clever investments from the guys would see the girls’ popular music knowledge being put to the test in a hilarious challenge aptly named Tone Deaf Karaoke. With a lot riding on this challenge, PJ invested in his wife strategically by placing a R17 000.00 stake on her chances, ensuring that even if they lost, that they would not be at the bottom. Dyl had the same idea as PJ, but bet just too little on Viki to potentially save them from being in the bottom again, should they not complete this challenge.

Gift went all in on Bana, raising their stakes the highest, while Mo wagered a mere R1000.00 on Phindi, having very little confidence in her completing the challenge. In the end, and after much amusement and laugh-out-loud moments, PJ was the hero of the day, putting his shyness aside and being the only guy to successfully complete the challenge with Marzanne whose popular music knowledge trumped everybody else’s.

This means that going into the Couples' Challenge next week, Dyl and Viki and Gift and Bana will be playing harder than ever to keep themselves out of a possible hot seat at elimination. A very intimate Q&A session next week will also reveal insights the couples have of each other, while tension in the villa starts to develop.

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