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Power Couple SA: Episode 1

11 September 2015
In the debut episode of M-Net’s brand new reality show about relationships, the eight South African couples moved into a luxurious villa together in Cape Town’s gorgeous Camps Bay.
power couple sa episode 1

In the debut episode of M-Net’s brand new reality show about relationships, eight South African couples moved into a luxurious villa together in Cape Town’s gorgeous Camps Bay. It was fun in the sun as everyone started getting acquainted, enjoying champagne and swims in the pool on Day 1, but the next day it was game on.

The eight guys met host Ryan O’Connor in the Power Couple Investment Room to find out the details of the first Girls’ Challenge of the series, while their partners waited anxiously back at the villa, only receiving one or two cryptic clues from Ryan via a TV feed in the lounge before being cut off as the guys were about to invest. Each guy received R50 000.00 to invest in their partner, and had to place wagers according to whether or not they thought their other half could successfully complete the challenge or not. If their partner succeeded in the challenge, they would bank the R50 000.00 plus the amount that they invested. If their partner failed, their investment amount would be deducted from the initial R50 000.00 total. With the stakes determined, Ryan explained the challenge to the men.

Each guy had to sacrifice one significant sentimental item for this challenge in advance, which their partner had to retrieve from a locked case in no less than four minutes. However, there was a twist: all the mud, dirt and grime which is cleaned from the basin of the Cape Town harbour would be deposited into eight containers – one for each couple. The ladies would have to submerge themselves inside the container to find a small, round metal disk approximately the size of a CD and present it to their partner. Once the disk was found, the women would have to answer one question about their relationship in order to get a key from their partner. In total, each guy had three keys; if the first one didn’t unlock the box, the ladies would have to return, answer another question, and try another key. Going in with the most money was Emile with a whopping R40 000.00 that wagered on his wife Razia. Coming in with the least amount of money was Gift, who conservatively wagered R20 000.00 on his wife Bana.

Upon seeing what lay ahead of them, the ladies got stuck in, but unfortunately, fitness professional Crystal narrowly missed opening husband Dean’s box with his sentimental item after a misunderstanding about how many years they had been together. Juanita and Juran from PE also fell short of the goal when Juanita did not know the answer to the last question that Juran posed to her. This meant that at the end of the challenge, Emile and Razia were sitting pretty with R90 000.00 in their kitty, while Dean and Crystal were left with R22 000.00 and Juran and Juanita with only R15 000.00 with which to head into the Guys’ Challenge the following day.

After some heated discussions that night, especially between Dean and Crystal, the women took their places in the Investment Room to put a wager on their partners. The challenge: the guys would have to correctly answer five questions about their relationships whilst being suspended from a crane. The twist: they would be holding on to their partners while doing so! With their backs against the wall, Juanita and Crystal both decided to go all-in on their guys, investing the full remaining amounts in their electronic wallets. Following on their brilliant performance the day before, Razia went big and invested a massive R50 000.00 on husband Emile. Despite some nail-biting moments, all the guys managed to complete the challenge successfully. This meant that Emile and Razia ended the day as the front-runners with a huge R140 000.00 in their kitty, while Dean and Crystal and Juran and Juanita still found themselves in the bottom two spots on the money ladder.

Next week, the bottom two couples will have everything to play for, as the winners of the upcoming Couples' Challenge will earn themselves an extra R25 000.00, potentially keeping them out of the running for the first elimination. The losers of the Couples' Challenge next week, along with the couple with the least amount of money will go up for elimination, and it will be up to the remaining six couples to vote for who they want to stay, and who should go.

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