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One Down, Seven Remain

23 September 2015
Couples will be kept very busy in the latest episode of Power Couple SA, facing another pair of tough challenges. 
power couple sa ep 3

Couples will be kept very busy in the latest episode of Power Couple SA, facing another pair of tough challenges.  The men’s challenge, in particular, will be one to look forward to, as each man has to don a pair of high heels in order to complete the task. We’re sure to be in for lots of laughs.

The ladies, meanwhile, will have to prove how much – or how little – they know about pop music. If you’ve ever cringed through a session of karaoke, it’ll be nothing compared to what the men belt out on stage for their partners!

Last week PJ and Marzanne came out on top during the couples’ challenge, finding Power Teddy in record time. Will their winning streak continue this week?  Although Emile and Razia sailed through their challenges in Episode 1, they stumbled and fell during the couples’ challenge.   

This put them up for elimination, along with Juran and Juanita. The latter couple, having landed at the bottom of the leaderboard during Episode 1, had to win the couples’ challenge to avoid elimination. Since that didn’t happen, they had no choice but to face being eliminated.

Couples have been getting along, but when it came to deciding which couple to keep in the villa, no one held back; opinions and strategies wound their way through the villa. All the to and froing made it difficult to know what would happen in the elimination room; but one couple had to go.

For Juran and Juanita, their time was up -  and they became the first eliminated couple. Now that the first elimination is over, the seven remaining couples will get to breathe easier this week…until the challenges start!

It’s down to seven couples in the Power Couple Villa. Which couple do you hope to see come out on top?

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