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Mo and Phindi: Third Couple Out

29 October 2015
It was that time again.
power couple episode 8

It was that time again. Time to say goodbye to another couple. It’s the moment fans and fellow couples despise. For the latter it’s especially difficult, because not only can it lead to awkward situations in the villa, but as the weeks have gone by everyone has grown closer.

However, despite the couples’ affection for eliminated couple Mo and Phindi, there’s no denying they weren’t part of the clique collective, which led to their being ousted. 

Yet it was not as simple as that. Vix and Dyllan, although leaning towards keeping the other couple up for elimination, Emile and Razia, didn’t want Mo and Phindi leaving without any votes. They tried to strategise with the rest about splitting the vote between the two couples up for elimination, and allowing Emile and Razia to stay based on their higher winnings.

To Marzanne, this sounded like pity votes, and as we saw in the elimination room, the strategy fell through. Everyone voted for Emile and Razia to stay, sending Mo and Phindi packing. It may not have come as a surprise, but fans and couples are sure to miss Mo and Phindi’s wit, and their affectionate banter with one another. 

The third couple to leave the house, they’ve had a good run nevertheless. They won several challenges, and even when they didn’t come out on top, always learnt something from the experience.

They’re on their way home, and now the villa is left with only “the clique”. Could this mean the game is now well and truly on? Citing friendship as a reason for keeping someone in the villa might not go down so well anymore, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the weeks to come. Who do you think will leave next?

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