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Mo and Phindi sent packing!

30 October 2015
Mo and Phindi Grootboom from Durban became the third couple to be eliminated by their fellow contestants in tonight’s episode of Power Couple SA.
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Mo and Phindi Grootboom from Durban became the third couple to be eliminated by their fellow contestants in tonight’s episode of Power Couple SA. They were up for elimination against Emile and Razia, who found themselves in the hot seats for a second time, after losing this week’s couples challenge. Mo and Phindi were the couple with the least amount of money in their kitty, and after some very heated arguments in the house over the past two weeks, they sensed that they’d inevitably be the ones to go.

The couples challenge this week meant that no investments were to be made – there would simply be one pair of winners and one pair of losers. Host Ryan O’Connor explained to all of the couples that the theme for this week’s challenge would be each other’s worst character traits. Behind Ryan were 15 boxes that represented 15 negative character traits, from which each person had to choose 5 that described them the most. The challenge entailed identifying which 5 negative character traits their partners chose to describe themselves with. Once each person thought that they’d identified the correct negative trait for their partner, they had to reach inside a box to take out a power cable. If it was in fact the correct character trait, they could then enter the cable into a power circuit board. 5 correct power cables connected the entire circuit and a Power Couple sign would light up. The couple to complete the challenge in the quickest time would win, and earn an extra R25 000.00 for their electronic wallet.

The challenge seemed simple enough, until Marzanne asked Ryan what else was in the covered boxes where the cables were hidden. Ryan revealed the twist of the game: that all sorts of nasty creepy crawlies and other scary creatures were lurking inside each of the various boxes -  everything from snakes, to hissing cockroaches, to rats and even baby crocodiles! This meant that not only would the couples have to move as quickly as possible, but that many of them would have to face some of their biggest fears. Mo and Phindi as well as Dean and Crystal had everything to play for as they were sitting in the bottom two places on the electronic money ladder. This came after both Mo and Dean failed to complete the guys’ challenge last week, despite their wives’ confident bets on them succeeding. The couple with the least amount of money in their kitty would go up against the losing couple from tonight’s challenge.

In the end, neither Mo, Phindi, Dean or Crystal won, but with slightly more money in their account than Mo and Phindi, Dean and Crystal managed to stay out of elimination by the skin of their teeth. The winners of the challenge with a lightning-fast time of 5 minutes and 23 seconds were Dyl and Viki, while Emile - and Razia in particular - took way too long and only completed the challenge in 11 minutes and 28 seconds. Back at the villa, the couples were treated to pizzas and beer, but the strategizing around the next day’s elimination votes began immediately. Mo and Phindi were sure that they’d be going home, given the last two weeks of confrontation in the house between Mo and the more popular Ivan. Meanwhile, Viki confided in Marzanne that it really bothered her the Dyl chose “Jealous” and “Petty” as two character traits of hers, which are the furthest thing from any of the negative traits that she embodies. Moreover, these particular words added insult to injury given Dyllan’s recent infidelity. Viki confronted Dyl about it before going to bed, stating that she would never be jealous of the other woman that he had an affair with. She would be hurt and angry perhaps, but never jealous. In another step towards healing their relationship on the show, Dyl acknowledged his mistake, and apologised sincerely for it.

With Emile and Razia up against Mo and Phindi, some people in the house felt conflicted about who to vote for, given that Mo and Phindi had actually started bouncing back in terms of the challenges, while Emile and Razia were now up for elimination a second time, and had not been faring well in some of the individual challenges. There were certain people such as Viki who wanted to give Mo and Phindi a “sympathy” vote to show some kindness and respect, even though she knew that the majority vote would go to Emile and Razia to stay in the competition. At the elimination ceremony, Mo and Phindi admitted that they did not socialise enough and could have been more strategic in their social game. This, plus the clique of friendships amongst the rest of the couples in the house ultimately led to their downfall, and they were unanimously sent home by their fellow competitors.

 Next week, it’s time for the remaining five guys to gear-up, face their fears and come to their ladies’ rescue. And how will the girls react when a very special family member is introduced into their challenge as a surprise..?

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