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How to Change a Tyre in 10 Easy Steps

19 November 2015
With the festive season approaching a lot of us will be hitting the road as we go on holiday, head to the beach, visit family and friends or do whatever summer might expect of us.
power couple ep 11 change tyre

With the festive season approaching, a lot of you will be hitting the road as you go on holiday, head to the beach, visit family and friends, or do whatever summer might expect of you.

If you foresee a road trip in your future, then there's no better time to learn how to change a tyre, and we hope the latest episode of Power Couple SA inspired you (in case you didn’t already know how).

The episode - particularly Vix and Marzanne - also proved you don't need to be a strong, manly man to change a tyre. Even Razia and Crystal, although they didn't complete the challenge, still did a great job - especially considering where they were changing their tyres! 

So let's take a look at how you can use your power to work those wheels.

STEP 1: Have a Spare

Before you even leave on a long trip, make sure:

a. you have a spare tyre

b. it’s in working order

c. you check the pressure


STEP 2: Stay on the Ground

It may look impressive, but things will go a whole lot easier if you’re not dangling several metres off the ground!

STEP 3: Stay Stable

Now that you’re on solid ground and not hovering above it like the Power Couple ladies, make sure you’re on a flat and stable surface, and away from traffic. Place heavy objects in front of the tyres for further stabilisation.


STEP 4: Lights, No Camera, Action

Put on your hazards and throw out that warning triangle to avoid nasty accidents. Don’t use this as an opportunity to take a selfie. Stay off social media, unless you’re asking for tips or help online.

STEP 5: Park

Please pull up your parking brake! You don't want to roll away!

STEP 6: Be Equipped

All the above will be for naught if you don’t have a jack. In fact, we should have included this with Step 1!


STEP 7: Move that Body

Place your jack under the frame, near the tyre you want to change, and make sure the jack is in contact with the metal portion of the car frame. Now it’s time to see whether your effort at the gym has been paying off as you work that jack so it supports (not lifts) the car.

STEP 8: The Details

Now it’s time for the finicky work. You will have to:

  1. remove the hub cab
  2. loosen (but don’t remove) the nuts
  3. pump the jack to  lift the tyre
  4. now remove the nuts
  5. remove the tyre


STEP 9: Hit Reverse

No, not the car! The process. Here we go:

  1. put the spare tyre on the hub
  2. tighten the nuts
  3. lower the car
  4. remove the jack

STEP 10: Busted Tyre

Place the old tyre in the boot and remember the three Rs: reuse, recycle, reduce! Don't throw away the tyre if it can't be fixed; rather use it to make a swing, a pot plant, a handbag, a picture frame, or anything cool like that. 


BONUS STEP: Have a beer.

You deserve it. Like Dyllan said to Vix “You are changing the next tyre and I’ll hand you the beer.” 

REMEMBER: We're not experts! We hope this serves as a guideline and inspires you to practice changing tyres so you'll know what to do if the real thing happens. 

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