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Dean and Crystal Power Down

27 November 2015
Fitness professionals Dean and Crystal Mason from Cape Town became the fifth pair to be eliminated from Power Couple SA tonight.
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Fitness professionals Dean and Crystal Mason from Cape Town became the fifth pair to be eliminated from Power Couple SA tonight, leaving only three couples to battle it out for the winning title, as well as a potentially huge sum of money. They were up for elimination against Emile and Razia, who found themselves in the hot seats for a third time, after losing this week’s couples challenge once more.

The couples challenge this week meant that no investments were to be made – there would simply be one pair of winners and one pair of losers. Host Ryan O’Connor welcomed the four couples to an empty warehouse where he introduced a team of professional dancers, who deftly demonstrated how to do one of the sexiest dances of all – the tango. Ryan then informed the contestants that they, too, would be doing their own version of the tango, but that they would be strapped together while doing so. Knowing that there is always a twist to these challenges, Ryan broke the news that they would each have to collect a total of five red roses – randomly positioned along the length of the dancefloor, but that they would be doing so while having to step through a complex grid of lasers! The couple to collect all of their roses in the shortest time would win. If either of them touched a laser beam, however, they would have to freeze for a 10 second forfeit, costing them valuable time. As always, there was R25 000.00 up for grabs, meaning that Dean and Crystal had the most to play for since they had zero in their kitty after last week’s big bets that didn’t pay off.

In the end, Dean and Crystal managed to complete the challenge with a respectable time of 1 minute 44 seconds, but blazing ahead of them, and winning the extra R25 000.00 were Vix and Dyl with a time of 51 seconds. Emile and Razia lost the challenge by being a mere one second slower than Dean and Crystal, with a time of 1 minute and 45 seconds, placing them back in the elimination seats. PJ and Marzanne tried to save Dean and Crystal from being sent home, but after Dyl and Vix gave their vote to Emile and Razia to stay, the elimination ceremony resulted in a deadlock. As their electronic wallet contained the least amount of cash overall, Dean and Crystal’s series of bad investments throughout the show eventually caught up with them and sealed their fate, and the powerful pair from Cape Town had to bid everyone farewell.

This means that next week the last three couples have everything to play for, as they vie for a spot in the Top 2. In tonight’s show Dyllan and Vix spoke about how they have finally made significant headway on their journey of healing after Dyl’s affair, making them not only physically strong, but emotionally solid too. PJ has finally started approaching the game with the level of maturity that Marzanne had wanted to see for so long, and Emile and Razia continue to put each other’s needs first, despite any set-backs they may have faced along the way. Best friends PJ, Marzanne, Dyl and Vix are the most competitive in the house, but Emile and Razia, having survived three eliminations, have proven that they are a unit to be reckoned with.

Next week’s penultimate episode of Power Couple promises to be a nail-biter… The challenges will be gruelling and, ultimately, each couple’s level of endurance – mental, emotional and physical – will determine who will make it to the final, and who will go home with nothing.

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