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Cycle 4 Money Report: PJ and Marzanne Stay on Top

05 November 2015
In Power Couple, it can be anyone’s game.
power couple cycle 4 money report

In Power Couple, it can be anyone’s game. From winning challenges to being up for elimination, there’s no telling who will come out on top – or land at the bottom.

PJ and Marzanne triumphed over other couples during the previous cycle, but after the last one, Dyllan and Viki are quickly catching up. It’s not such a surprise, considering how the Salt Rock couple has been conquering challenges together, as well as investing wisely in one another.

Unfortunately, PJ did not have much faith in Marzanne’s general knowledge during Episode 7’s girls’ challenge. This led him to make a low investment in his wife; and when she won the challenge, there was not much to add to their kitty.

Mo and Phindi started strong, winning several challenges and even topping the leaderboard after Episodes 3 and 4. Thereafter their luck started to turn; and with the lowest amount at the end of Episode 7, they had to win the couples’ challenge to avoid elimination.

Vicki and Dyllan, with their record time during Episode 8, won the couples’ challenge, sending Mo and Phindi to an elimination round with the challenge-losing couple: Emile and Razia.

A Cycle

Remember: A cycle consists of two episodes comprising one girls’ challenge, one boys’ challenge, and a couples’ challenge. After Episode 8, the fourth cycle was closed off.

Here is a breakdown of the standings per cycle, as well as the overall amounts:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.14.59 AM

Will Viki and Dyllan’s winning streak continue and place them above their fellow friends, PJ and Marzanne? Keep watching Power Couple every Thursday to find out.

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