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5 Power Couple SA facts

02 September 2015
Power Couple SA, the newest reality game show will have the country glued to their seats as eight couples battle it out for the title of South Africa's first ever Power Couple.
Power couples

Relationships will be scrutinised and tolerances tested as our couples cling to each other desperately in the hope of winning the first ever Power Couple SA title.

Power Couple SA is unique in its format and is the first ever couples reality TV show designed to test the limits of the bond you have with your partner. Below are some insights as to how the show works and what you can expect from M-Net's next big thing; Power Couple SA.

1. Power Couple SA will consist of 14 episodes in which there will be a "partner 1" and a "partner 2" challenge. Here's how it works, the one partner will compete and the other will bet on the chances of their mate succeeding. Should the partner successfully complete the challenge, they win the money wagered. If not, well then they lose the money invested. The roles are then reversed and the same rules apply.

2. By the end of the two challenges, the couples with the least amount of money are up for elimination. The next episode will consist of a couples' challenge and an elimination round. Whoever wins the couples' challenge, wins an additional amount of money. Conversely, the losing couple will be up for elimination along with the couple who has accumulated the least amount of money after three challenges. The couples' challenge could however, save the couple who has the last amount of money from elimination.

3. Strategy is very important at this stage of the challenges as the couples who are up for elimination will be at the mercy of the other couples in the house as they decide who stays and who goes. The couple that is eliminated will leave with nothing.

4. Power Couple SA will be filmed in a house on Camps Bay. The real estate in Camps Bay is of the costliest in Cape Town, and indeed South Africa with millions of Rands being paid for a sliver of a sea view.

5. There is no set prize money. The amount that the winning couple will walk away with at the end of the show depends on how well they perform in the challenges week on week. It doesn’t get more real than this!

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