Have You Spotted These Nancy Drew Easter Eggs?

17 March 2020
Have you detected these clues to the books?
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If you’re a hardcore Nancy Drew fan, you not only grew up reading the books, you’re watching the new TV series adaptation on M-Net. Set in contemporary times, the series features a few exciting changes, but it’s still got the same fiery, flame-headed detective heroine at its core.

As big fans, we instantly spotted several Easter eggs during the course of the first few episodes. Take a look and see if you’ve spotted them. If you’ve missed the show or want to go back and search for the eggs, watch Nancy Drew on DStv Catch Up. Here is a cheat sheet – but be warned: spoilers ahead!

  1. In the books and the series, Nancy drives a blue roadster.
  2. In the third episode, Nancy and Nick find a clock hidden in the roadster. The very first Nancy Drew mystery, published in 1930, was titled The Secret of the Old Clock.
  3. In the same episode, Nancy and Nick visit Lilac Inn – a reference to the fourth book, which is called The Mystery at Lilac Inn.
  4. In the fourth episode, Nancy follows a clue to Keene High School. This is a reference to Carolyn Keene, the pseudonym for the numerous ghostwriters who have written, and still write, the books.
  5. In the fifth episode, there is a dry cleaning van with the name River Heights Dry Cleaners. This is a reference to River Heights, the fictional setting of the books. The show also takes place in a fictional town but is called Horseshoe Bay and is in Maine.
  6. The setting – and the mysterious goings-on – are evocative of the teen horror slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer. This allusion is felt even more in the fifth episode when Tiffany, possessing George’s body, writes “I know” on a mirror.
  7. The ninth episode is titled The Hidden Staircase. The second Nancy Drew book, published in 1930, has the same name.
  8. The local asylum in the series is called Larkspur Lane. It also forms part of the episode’s title: The Lady of Larkspur Lane. This is a reference to the tenth book, published in 1933, called The Password to Larkspur Lane.

Did we miss anything? Tell us what Easter eggs you’ve spotted in Nancy Drew.
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