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Shaeem and Mas-ud ride the MKRSA wave – My Kitchen Rules SA

14 November 2022
Shaeem and Mas-ud ride the MKRSA wave while Kirsten and Detlev say goodbye.
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Life-long friends Shaeem and Mas-ud emerged victorious in the first Challenge Phase task on My Kitchen Rules SA this week (13 November, 18:00 on M-Net Channel 101) – but father and daughter team Kirsten and Detlev headed home after failing to impress in the beach burger blowout.

The Group 1 and Group 2 teams came together for the first time this season, on the beach in Victoria Bay on the glamorous Garden Route – the setting for this season’s Challenge Phase and the next step in their bid to win R1 million. Their task from judges David Higgs and J’Something was to conceptualise and deliver a combination of delicious, nutritious burgers and healthy drinks for a crowd of 40 local surfers and National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) volunteers who spent their morning in the ocean while the duos cooked. The result was decided by a People’s Choice vote from the hungry horde, with the winners picking up a R15 000 cash prize from sponsors Sensodyne – and the least-favourite burger earning the bottom-placed team a one-way ticket home.

The teams quickly conceptualised their menus and set about delivering:

Abraham and Michelle: ostrich burger with beetroot and onion relish and peppermint crisp milkshake
Kirsten and Detlev: Happy Hippie beef burger and piña colada
Shaeem and Mas-ud: chicken tikka burger and mel-icious iced tea
Tim and Shereez: lean lamb burger and kale, mint, and pineapple juice boost
Jessica and Nicole: Bean Surfing Mexican bean burger and morning-after margarita
Martin and Eddie: tzatziki lamb burger and virgin Bloody Mary
Larcé and Jabu: heritage chicken boerewors burger with chakalaka and ginger energy shot 
Azraa and Waven: spicy Asian chicken burger and honey melon, cucumber, and lime power drink

David and J’Something were happy with the way things were shaping up, though they were concerned about how Jessica and Nicole were going to bind their veggie burger and whether Abraham and Michelle would be able to keep their ostrich burger moist enough, while Tim and Shereez had a debate about how much chilli to add to their condiments. 

While the surfers and NSRI volunteers fell upon the burgers and drinks after a lengthy session in the ocean, David and J’Something tested each combination. They flagged both Kirsten and Detlev and Abraham and Michelle’s burger patties as slightly dry; found Larcé and Jabu’s messy but inviting; thought Martin and Eddie’s combination was the best match and, while David enjoyed the spiciness of Shaeem and Mas-ud’s tikka burger and the flavour of their drink, J’Something said the drink wasn’t one of his favourites.

Once the votes were tallied, Shaeem and Mas-ud were named as the winners of the challenge – and the R15 000 cash prize – but Abraham and Michelle, Kirsten and Detlev, and Tim and Shereez all found themselves in danger of elimination. Ultimately, the duo who had garnered the least People’s Choice votes was Kirsten and Detlev, who shed a few tears when saying goodbye and thanked everyone for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Next week, the seven remaining teams will be cooking for votes – and survival in the competition – at one of the country’s most famous organic markets.

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