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Must-try street foods – My Kitchen Rules SA

24 November 2022
We're looking at must-try street foods from around the world.

Our My Kitchen Rules SA teams whipped up delicious gourmet street food at the Wild Oats Community Farmers' Market. They left our tastebuds tingling. We love us some good street food and picked out a few we thought you should put on your taste list if you're travelling abroad.

Vietnamese bánh mi

A bánh mi is a traditional Vietnamese short baguette served up with delicious fillings. These include a fusion of meats, coriander, onions, pickled carrots, red chilli, and spicy Asian sauces and mayonnaise. It is quite similar to the American submarine sandwich but boasts those bold Vietnamese flavours. It is quite the staple for Vietnamese people.  You are bound to find this in any local street market when visiting Vietnam.

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Asian boa

Boazi, commonly known as bao, is a flavourful meat-filled, steam-filled bun found in many parts of Asia, and very popular in Taiwan. There are many variations of this dish. When you order them, you are usually served with six to ten pieces, due to the size. They are usually served with soy sauce and can be accompanied by garlic pastes and other infusions.

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Beguni in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a place of rich colour, rich tradition, and rich food. One of their firm favourites is a beguni: deliciously deep-fried sliced brinjals. The brinjals are dipped into a spicy batter mix and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. It can be enjoyed as is or accompanied by rice. It's a must in the street markets of most Bangladeshi food vendors.

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Currywurst from Germany

This is one of Germany’s most popular fast foods. It is a steamed sausage (often pork) cut into chunky bite-sized pieces and flavoured with curry powder and ketchup. It is usually served with fries. Be sure to grab some if you are ever in Germany. Guten appetit!

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Colombian and Venezuelan arepas

This dish is quite a hit in Colombia and Venezuela. They are soft patties made with maize kernels and are usually filled with delicious savoury fillings ranging from meat to egg to cheese. The flavours are aromatic and the arepas are quite soft. A good drink and some nice arepas are what the people of Colombian and Venezuela love!

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Thai mango sticky rice

If you have adventurous tastebuds, you might want to try this yummy Thai dessert. It consists of steamed rice mixed with coconut milk, sugar, and salt. It is served with slices of fresh ripe mangoes, and more coconut milk is drizzled on top. Rather refreshing, we say!

It’s very popular in Thailand as well as in some parts of Vietnam and Cambodia.  

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Cerviche in Peru

This South American staple is made from cured raw fish and fresh citrus juices. It is seasoned with red onions, peppers, coriander, and seasoning. The dish is served raw and must be consumed as soon as it's prepared. The dish is fresh and light, and leaves you satisfied. Now you don't get fresher than this!

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Chinese tanghulu

If you’ve ever in Chinatown go grab yourself some tanghulu. This is rock-sugar-coated fruit on a stick and it is extremely sweet. Different fruits are dipped into the rock syrup mixture and left to cool and harden. Such a sweet deal if you ask us.

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Pão de queijo from Brazil

If you're a bread and cheese lover, then this one is for you. These are small baked cheeseballs, which have a hard texture, more like a tart. It is often found around dinner tables in Brazil – and if you stroll down the street, you are sure to come across them.

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South African bunny chow

We just had to include this delicious South African dish on the list. Tourists who visit South Africa simply love to try out a bunny chow, and some are still confused about whether or not it includes actual little rabbits. This scrumptious half loaf of bread filled with curry oozes with authentic Indian flavours and is loved both by locals and those from abroad.

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Watch the teams share their experience at the Wild Oats Community Farmers' Market.

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