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Kitchen trick or treats – My Kitchen Rules SA

11 October 2022
This Halloween brings good food and good scares with these delicious and spooky treats.

Trick or treat, give us something good to eat! The month of Halloween is here with perhaps a scare or two. Why not bring some of that spooky cheer to the kitchen this Halloween? We've got these cool and scary trick-or-treat ideas that will wow your guests when you're entertaining. 

Pepper jack-o'-lantern​s
Carving a pumpkin might be difficult but peppers are much easier. Draw the face you like on each pepper and carefully cut around the outline with a knife. Make sure you wash your peppers properly afterwards. You can stuff these spooky mini jack-o'-lanterns with any filling of your choice and bake them. Your guests are sure to love it.

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Alien monster burgers
Fill your burger buns with your favourite fillings and use toothpicks and olives to create cool alien monster eyes. You can cut up cheese slices to form monster teeth and place them accordingly. Get as creative as you want. Your guests are gonna have an out-of-this-world experience with this one!

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Skeleton gingerbread men
Skeletons in the closet, skeletons in the kitchen. Whether you bake or buy your gingerbread men, that's no problem. Make icing and carefully ice the shape of the skeleton on the gingerbread men. If you want to take it to the next level, you can make glow-the-dark icing for glow-in-the-dark skeletons. Tip: You can create glow-in-the-dark icing by using green food colouring, tonic water, icing sugar, and melted white chocolate. Kids will absolutely love this one!

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Mummy rolls
Grab some mini viennas and pastry dough. Cut the pastry into long, thin strips and wrap them around the viennas to form a bandaged mummy look. Bake in the oven. You can use olives or small pickle slices to form eyes. These bad mummies are ready to roll! Tip: You can serve them on a platter with bits of cotton candy to create a cobweb look and feel!

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Donut be afraid!
Everyone loves doughnuts and scary doughnuts are even more fab. Decorate them with Halloween candy to create a spooky look and feel. Your local cake or party shop is sure to have Halloween elements and confectionary that you can use.  

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Freaky fruit
Unleash flavour and creativity with your fruit platters. By simply adding faces to the fruit and other spooky elements to the platter, you will create the perfect Halloween snack that will prep your guests for more scares as the evening progresses. Tip: You can use mini marshmallows as teeth.

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Ice scream
This dish is sure to cause screams and chills around the table. Play around with edible confectionary and food colouring to get that perfect scary ice cream you want. This way you can ensure everyone gets their just desserts around the table. 😉

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Do you have any Halloween food ideas? Share them with us using the hashtag #MKRSA. Tune into My Kitchen Rules SA on Sundays at 18:00 on M-Net 101.