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Clever kitchen hacks – My Kitchen Rules SA

13 September 2022
Try these cool kitchen hacks when you're in the kitchen!

Cooking comes with its up and downs. Avid cooks are always looking for ways to ease the pressure in the kitchen. Many have come up with their very own hacks. Here are some cool and helpful hacks that might make your time in the kitchen a little easier. Give them a try.

Keep ice cream cool
Don't you just hate it when ice cream melts and becomes a shake you never asked for? If you need to take a short journey, or the electricity goes out, simply wrap your tub of ice cream in bubble wrap. It will keep it icier a little longer.

No more sticky cheese on a grater
Everyone hates cleaning the bits of cheese left on the grater. Try using some cooking spray and let it sit for a few minutes and you’re good to go. No more sticky situations in the kitchen.

Keep peeled potatoes white
Grab a bowl and fill it with water and toss in your peeled potatoes. They won’t grey so fast but retain their perfect colour. They also fry better after being immersed in water.

No more onion tears
We need fewer tears and more food in the kitchen. Freeze the onion for half an hour, then chop and use it instantly. This will prevent the onion juice from releasing and causing tears.

Freeze! This is a kitchen stick up
There is power in freezing. Freeze homemade sauces in cube strays and use a block or two in your cooking. Freeze your leftover fruits for smoothies. Freeze extra bread and make croutons at a later stage. Freeze nuts to give them a longer life in the kitchen!

How to prevent custard from curdling
Azraa and Waven had some trouble with the custard for their dessert. This created quite a stir around the table. How can this be prevented?

The trick is low heat and using a double boiler. Stir lightly and don’t overbeat. If it does split, you might be able to save it by removing it from the heat, putting it into a new pot, and whisking it all over again.

Too hot to handle?
If you made a curry too hot you can add more potatoes to it or a sweet sauce of your choice to make it less spicy. A teaspoon of yoghurt can also help neutralise the spiciness.

How to properly use a veggie peeler? Or how about removing garlic peels? Check out these awesome kitchen hacks from Azraa and Waven.

For more kitchen hacks watch our Instagram reels on @mnettv as our contestants share some of their coolest kitchen hacks. You can also see more hacks on My Kitchen Rules SA on Sunday at 18:00 on M-Net 101. Share your hacks with us using the hashtag #MKRSA.