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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Bernadette & Shaleeni

Bernadette (59) and Shaleeni (27) | Mom & Daughter Besties from Cape Town 

Having been born and raised in Grahamstown and then lived in New York, working as an actor before returning to South Africa to live in Cape Town, you’d think Shaleeni would have a cosmopolitan cooking style – rather, she says: “My cooking style is quick, simple, and creative. I don't like recipes very much”.

She grew up cooking with plenty of freedom in the kitchen, under the watchful eye of her mother and grandfather, which is reflected in the way she enjoys eating with her family. “A typical meal involves a whole bunch of people at our family dinner table and a nice family-style meal of roast chicken, roast veggies – or, if it's a Sunday, my mom will make a chicken curry for us”.

Bernadette also learned to cook from her mother, father, grandmother, and aunt and describes her food style as "quick, easy and traditional". Her food dream is to open a restaurant or coffee shop with Shaleeni, saying that their dynamic in the kitchen is good because they know each other’s strengths and get on with the task at hand. “We’re usually well prepared and there's not much talking. I'm more traditional and sometimes not as adventurous about trying new foods as Shaleeni,” she says.

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