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Top lessons from My Kitchen Rules SA

14 December 2021
What we learnt this season.
my kitchen rules sa season 3 episode 3 retha tshepi

Some are here for the food. Some are here for the drama. Some are here for both! If you form part of the former or latter groups and are all about the foodie tips and tricks you can pick up from the show, this one’s for you. We’re looking back at some of the biggest lessons learnt during the course of the third season.

Taste your food
This let down many a team throughout the season as they served up dishes that were too spicy, too sweet, and too salty...or not salty enough. While prepping in the kitchen, keep an eye as well as a tongue out on your food. Just no double dipping please! The same applies when you’re served food: taste before adding extra salt or other seasoning. If the dish is too salty, imagine what it’ll taste like if you add more! And if the dish is perfect, you don’t want to insult the chef by fudging their flavouring.

Squeeze that lemon
A hint of acid can make all the difference to your plate, and your palate, as it enhances flavour and texture. If you didn’t learn this lesson after David Higgs and J’Something’s constant remonstrances to the teams, learn it now.

Be creative
Technique and skill are important in the kitchen, but if you want to lift your game and surprise your guests, add a little flair or a unique touch. This is especially crucial in a competition because you’re trying to stand out from what’s seen on our plates every day – as well as from everyone else. The teams’ creative synapses weren’t too fired up in the Instant Restaurant stage as fellow teams, judges, and fans continually remarked that dishes were too “safe”. However, it’s integral you make sure that what you add to the plate still makes sense and complements the other elements. And don’t indulge in food trends for the sake of it or because you’re trying to be fancy: this led to a pointless touille or two during the season, as well as Stella and Jeff’s not-so-deconstructed lamb shank.

Plant Power
David and J’Something lamented the lack of vegetables throughout the season. Not only are plant-based meals delicious and nutritious, but they’re the perfect inspiration to spark your creativity in the kitchen. Make vegetables the hero of the dish the next time you’re in the kitchen or make a few vegetarian and vegan dishes that compel you to experiment with different or unusual ingredients.

It wasn’t just the judges who taught us a thing or two. The teams also had lessons to impart – even if they weren’t always about food.

Keep calm and carry on
There’s tons you can learn from the winning team, Izak and Wessel. They were a strong team throughout the season and left us gob-smacked at their talent. But what impressed us most was how calm and collected they remained, no matter how much pressure they were under or how fast the clock was ticking. It’s a chill demeanour that can serve you well in many a situation where a cool head is needed.

Make up words
Don’t let your creativity stop outside the kitchen. “Lamby lamb” may not say much, but it’s hella entertaining. Stop bashing people over the head with the dictionary. Shakespeare created words. Lewis Carroll created words. And from SMSs to squeezing 140 characters into a tweet, technology has also morphed language into bite-sized chunks that have changed how we express ourselves. Amiright?

Live life like a meme
There was no holding back Retha and Tshepi. They rocketed all the way to the top three, after all! During the season they never held back in the kitchen or at the table and there's so much to learn from these straight-talking, straight-shooting, hearts-on-their-sleeve ladies who always tell it like it is and are not afraid to let all the emotions show.

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