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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Spicy moments on MKRSA

15 November 2021
Drama, fine food, and lots of spice!
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There's no shortage of drama on My Kitchen Rules SA. While the kitchen often gets heated, flames of a different kind are often seen around the MKRSA table.

Presenting some of the spiciest moments:


Bad hair day? 👀 Lebo was not pleased to find a different source of protein in her meal with Bernadette and Shaleeni's Instant Restaurant.  We don't blame her!


Izak has an MBA in food and wine, but Lesego boasts an MBA in causing drama. 😅


Tenille was very adamant about making pastry from scratch and rubbed Palesa and Palesa up the wrong way.


Speaking of pastry, nothing like a good old garage pie. KB served us major LOLs.


Meanwhile, Lesego couldn't locate the wow factor in Shaleeni and Bernadette's cuisine.


Brett was ruffling feathers during Nevi and Craigs Instant Restaurant that boasted a beautiful setting with a peacock theme.


Tshepi was worried about Tenille's allergy to shellfish and delivered this funny line in fear of any cross-contamination from the kitchen.


Retha was serving us goals with major confidence during the first elimination because they were on top of the leaderboard.


Nadia is known to shake the table. Our well-travelled guests all had great cheesecake, so this jab was ever so fitting.


It was a true travel experience! Lesego was transported to the Sahara desert with Nadia and KB's brownie that was a little too dry😂

And let's not forget the phrase that was coined on MKRSA, lamby lamb, which brought some beefy beef!

Craving more spice? Keep watching My Kitchen Rules SA on Sundays at 18:00 on M-Net 101 or stream it on DStv.