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Sudden death! 🔥 – My Kitchen Rules SA

08 December 2021
Your thoughts on the latest challenge.
my kitchen rules sa season 3 episode 13 cooking on beach sudden death challenge

The top six teams were on fire in the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules SA! Not literally, of course, but they did endure a gruelling challenge on the banks of the Crocodile River as they were tasked with a sudden death challenge: cooking starters, mains, and desserts on fire with one team being eliminated after each course.

And the fans were here for it! 🙌🏾

The judges and fans were impressed with the results...

With the recipe calling for Savanna being a particular favourite. 😉

Get the recipe here.

Karen and Tenille's pap raised an eyebrow or two. 🤨 

The sand and wind and sun proved a challenge to the challenge!

Bernadette and Shaleeni were a real standout with their starter and main.

But they were ultimately eliminated, along with Nevi and Criag and KB and Nadia. 😭

This season's defintiely been going way too quickly...

...and the fnale is on our heels! Make sure not to miss it as Izak and Wessel, Karen and Tenille, and Retha and Tshepi battle it out for the top spot and the million!

Watch the My Kitchen Rules SA season 3 finale on Sunday 12 December at 18:00 on M-Net channel 101.

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