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Cooking with coffee – My Kitchen Rules SA

29 November 2021
Coffee infused dishes are a thing.
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In the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules SA, the contestants whipped up delicious coffee-infused dishes courtesy of Nespresso Vertuo. They served up fine dishes with great flavour. Let's look at coffee in cooking.


Shakes and smoothies

A common way of using coffee is in shakes and smoothies. Many people swear by a breakfast coffee smoothie that gets them going. There is a variety of blends and types of coffee to create your perfect cold drink of choice. Brewed coffee makes shakes taste better than using just the granules. If you're a chocolate lover, a dash of chocolate always puts a great spin on things.


Ever tried your hand at a coffee muffin or the perfect coffee cake? Adding coffee to your baked goods is a great way to play with flavours, but you need to ensure you balance the taste by adding the right amount of sweetness. Perhaps this year you can serve Santa some coffee cookies?


Our contestants created such delightful desserts thanks to Nespresso Vertuo's deliciously flavoured pods. There are a variety of desserts one can use coffee in, including mousse, ice cream, and frozen yoghurts. Experiment and find the perfect pairing of flavours that go well with coffee.

Savoury dishes

Coffee combined with other spices can create the perfect rub for meat. This gives the meat a perfect texture, makes it tender, and allows it to cook well. Brewed coffee with added spices and herbs make a great marinade.


Get the Karoo kreefies recipe here and the mosbolletjies recipe here.

Stand a chance to win with Nespresso and whip up some coffee magic of your own. Watch the episode and enter here.

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