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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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The long and short of it – My Kitchen Rules SA

11 November 2021
Your thoughts on The Long Table.
my kitchen rules sa season 3 episode 8 drinking in kitchen mother daughter

Mother and daughter team Bernadette and Shaleeni have talked the talk at the table. In the latest episode it was their turn to walk the walk – and as always, there was plenty of talk on the Twitter streets too.

Fans couldn't wait to see what Bernadette and Shaleeni would bring to the table – or The Long Table, as their Instant Restaurant was called.

Bernadette and Shaleeni wondered whether their guests would expect an Indian menu from them, but they flipped the script with a delicious Italian-inspired menu.

While there may not have been spice on the menu, there was on the Twitter streets!

But there was also lots of love for The Long Table, including the name. And the mother-daughter duo gave out an aura of calm and control, despite the pressure in the kitchen.

The spice kicked back in when Lebo's dislike for olives caused a bit of tension at the table...

But a lot of the Twitterati were in agreement with her.

Things didn't look up for Lebo, when she found a hair in her main.

It was clealy a night of ups and downs for the family duo, but they were grace under pressure: proud of their accomplishments and owning their mistakes.

KB and Nadia are cooking next on My Kitchen Rules SA. The duo has also been vocal around the table. Will they be able to deliver on authenticity, creativity, and flavour once they leave the table and enter the kitchen? Watch this Sunday at 18:00 on M-Net channel 101 and find out!