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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

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Ciao Palesa and Palesa – My Kitchen Rules SA

21 October 2021
Your thoughts on Palesa and Palesa's Instant Restaurant.
my kitchen rules sa season 3 episode 1

When it came to Palesa and Palesa's Instant Restaurant, Les Fleur, there were high hopes for the dynamic duo – from their fellow contestants and from fans.

But the evening got off to a rocky start as soon as the menu was revealed. The decor promised Paris, but the menu indicated inspiration from a little further south. With bistecca alla Fiorentina as their main course, things looked decidedly more Italian. 

Nevertheless, if the food was good it could trump the confusing decor. But things did not take a turn for the better, with shrinking mushrooms in the oven, Les Fleur's cooks soon turned into shrinking violets.

The bistecca was up next and although it was an improvement upon the starter, it still did nothing to wow anyone at the table or watching at home.

At this point, fans could already see the end coming even though dessert had yet to be served.

The whole evening was riding on the dessert. Sadly, it couldn't save them and few were impressed with the choice of jam tart...before it was even served.

When it was eventually served (three and a half hours later), it did nothing to save the ladies and the inevitable occurred: Palesa and Palesa were eliminated. Although fans could see it coming, many were heartbroken and disappointed to see the besties leave. 

Karen and Tenille, Nevi and Craig, Retha and Tshepi, and Brett and Aidan are now through to the challenge phase. But before they get prepped for the kitchen again, and in light of all the international flavours they tried, we asked them what cuisine they'd choose if they had to stick to one for the rest of their lives.

Now that the first elimination has come and gone, it's time to welcome a fresh round of contestants. Meet them on My Kitchen Rules SA this Sunday, 24 October, at 18:00 on M-Net channel 101.