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Everything that Chris and Ash's IR taught us

30 July 2018
Here’s why we were (and still are) inspired
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Hot on the heels of a cosmopolitan night in the heart of Jozi with Luyanda and Donald last week, J’Something, David Higgs and our competing teams packed up and headed to Manenberg for Chris and Ash’s Instant Restaurant – and what a memorable evening it was! Here are some of the things we learned at dinner last night.

Do everything with a smile on your face

What’s an Instant Restaurant without the head home cooks in charge? Cousins Ash and Chris are always bubbly and opinionated at table, so it came as no surprise that our pair was exactly that throughout their evening, despite the challenges that came their way. Some of their dinner guests even seemed to miss the boisterous pair, as they got down to business in the kitchen.

Be proud of who you are

Chris and Ash are awesome ambassadors for their community. From their Home Audition, straight through to their IR, this pair has been clear re: who they are and who they are doing this for; the children of Manenberg.

Dust yourself off and try again

Even when a course did not come out as perfect as they had hoped it would – and the critique around the table was honest (as it should be), Ash and Chris didn’t allow disappointment to derail their plans. They soldiered on and closed dinner off with a yummy litchi cheesecake and smiles on their faces.


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