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How to throw the perfect dinner party

17 August 2018
Hosting made fabulous, #MKRSA style
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Tired of hosting dinner parties that leave you wanting to eat all of your feelings? Well, you're going to have to put those jam-stained jammies away, because you're about to learn how to throw the most  legendary of dinner parties. No more closing your door and dissolving into a heap of tears after yet another disastrous dinner that even your dog hated (when Bella doesn't eat the treats, just know). We've got you covered. Here goes!

Choose your menu carefully

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You know how the cops carefully comb a crime scene? Yup! That's the exact same energy you need to keep when putting your menu together. Curate, curate, curate. Make sure to take into consideration your guests tastes (and yours obvs because this is your house, so your rules), their dietary needs (You don't want Schalk's throat swelling up after a taste of the crayfish) as well as the season (lighter in the summer,  hearty and stewy in winter). 

Prepare in advance

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Chopping onions for the star dish and appearing at the table red-eyed, with a blackish grey mix of mascara and tears running down your cheeks like you're an extra in a zombie movie, is not a dinner party vibe. Your guests might see that as you not respecting yourself, which obviously means you don't respect them, or food, or ouma, or makeup, or your job, or *gasp* the five second rule. Also, if the oil is going to scald you, may it please scald you 3 hours  before your guests arrive. That way, the innocents won't be left scarred by the trauma of it all. These kitchen hacks might help ease things along.

Get enough drinks ready 

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You will need to stock up on a nice selection of wines, lots of water, ice and a variety of juices for your guests (responsible) imbibing pleasure . But don't forget to keep something extra in the kitchen for yourself. Slaving over a hot stove is better with a glass of wine in your hand, right? Right!

Look nice

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Take a moment to freshen up before your guests arrive. No one wants to be greeted at the door by a sweaty host who smells like something cheesy, with a hint of garlic. You are not pizza. 

Be pleasant

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Don't give the kimchi a run for its money. Save the tartness for the bitters. No one wants to sit  through dinner with a stressed out, dour-faced host. 

Make a plan for the leftovers

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Leftover ice cream? Hide it in a container labelled 'BROCCOLI' in the back of your fridge, so your ice cream inhaling spouse and sassy kids won't find it. Feel free to slink out of bed at midnight, sit on the pantry floor and stuff your face to your hearts content. In the dark. Hello, self-care.

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