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Salvage the flavour – MasterChef SA

24 March 2022
Great tips on how to reduce waste in the kitchen

The judges always encourage the contestants not to waste anything in the kitchen. In the latest episode, the contestants elevated their offal and were asked to make an amuse-bouche using their leftovers and offcuts. The result was superb and carefully curated dishes. In honour of this significant waste-not mentality, we thought we'd share some fitting tips. 


Chicken bones and skins

Chicken bones and skins can be used to make the perfect broth that can be used to enhance the flavours of your soups, stews, and curries. Chicken bones are very high in calcium. The very same goes for fish head and bones, and lamb or beef bones. All these can be used to make great stocks.


Potato peels

Many of us love our potatoes with the skin on, but some don't. You can create a separate dish by frying up the skins and adding flavours you like, and the result is delicious! If you're really not a fan of potato skins, it can be used as compost in your garden, along with other veggies skins. 

Stale bread

Toasted stale bread makes lovely croutons to accompany your soup. You can also turn it into a scrumptious bread pudding.


Overripe bananas

You know the drill: use it to make banana bread or keep them in the fridge and use it to whip up a delicious smoothie. Some people even use it as a face mask.


Overripe apples

Before they rot, grab them and make a delicious apple sauce using vinegar, brown sugar, and any other dressing of your choice. Serve them alongside hearty meat dishes. 


Orange peels

These make great zests that can be grated and used in baking to release that citrus flavour. You can also put them in water, add lemon juice and mint, and put them into a spray bottle. Tada! You've just made yourself a chemical-free air freshener. 


Leftover rice

This can be used to make yummy risotto and any type of savoury rice you wish. Just add cooked ingredients of your choice to the rice and warm up.


Spoilt milk

There's no use crying over spilt milk, but now you don't need to cry over spoilt milk either. Add vinegar and let it curdle further. You just made sour milk which can be used when making naan bread, scones, and other delicious goodies that require sour milk.

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