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Provita power – MasterChef SA

04 March 2022
Your ultimate guide to Provita toppings.
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Much like MasterChef SA judge Justine Drake, we love snacking on a Provita® or two or three – especially if it’s topped with a delicious topping. This is how Provitas can be a lot of fun because there’s so much you can do with them, especially if you’re a cheese lover. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite toppings.

Simple yet classic, nothing beats smearing this savoury spread on your Provita – though it can be super annoying when you press too hard and the cracker cracks. Invented by a German and made in England, it’s been popular for decades and is even suitable for vegetarians.

If you prefer a meatier spread, then Bovril’s your go-to. It’s also easier to spread than Marmite. It was invented by a Scotsman for the French Army, yet it's even more British than Marmite and heavily tied to their football fandom.

Peanut butter
Instead of eating peanut butter straight out the jar (although…who's stopping you?), peanut butter on Provitas makes for a great energy booster and is super yummy too. And it's South African!! Okay, okay, not peanut butter in general, but Black Cat certainly is.

It’s easier than avo on toast and just as delicious! Level it up by adding a slice of cheddar or brie. Or just squeeze over some lemon juice and crack that ground pepper pot.

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Cottage cheese
Whether you like it chunky or smooth, cottage cheese makes the perfect topping on a Provita. Jazz it up by sprinkling over some dill, parsley, thyme, or pepper.  

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Cream cheese
What is the difference between cottage and cream cheese, you might ask? Cream cheese is sweeter and has more fat and calories than cottage cheese. To which we say: we’re snacking, leave us be. Add extra crunch by topping it with cucumber or amp up the flavour by sprinkling it with paprika or cayenne pepper.

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Cheese and gherkins
For even more crunch, may we suggest some gherkins? Or pickles? What you call them doesn’t matter because, to misquote Shakespeare, “That which we call a gherkin by any other name would taste just as sweet.” Or sour. Or sweet and sour, depending on what kind of pickles you like to buy or make. Of course, you need a barrier between the pickles and the Provita so lay on some slices of cheddar. Or cream cheese, that’s also delicious.

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Blue cheese and figs
If you’re feeling fancy, these two make a fabulous pair. It’s perfect for an elegant cheese platter, but mind you: blue cheese has quite a pungent smell and sharp taste. Do not despair, because blue cheese is not blue cheese is not blue cheese. What we mean is: blue cheese is a type of cheese with many varieties, with Roquefort and Gorgonzola being some of the most well-known. So don’t knock it till you try it, you might just find a blue you like – and the sweetness of the figs will cut through all that sharpness. Still need convincing? Drizzle it all with honey or use fig preserves instead, which can be even sweeter than fresh figs.

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Tuna makes a great topping, even better when it’s tuna mayonnaise, even better when it’s tuna mayo mixed with coriander and black pepper. Or switch it up with parsley, red onions, and capers all zhooshed up with a twist of lemon. We’re drooling already.

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Much like Barney Simon’s toast and beans, you can’t beat a classic.

Of course, nothing says you need to eat Provitas as a snack, plain or otherwise. You can use it as an ingredient in a dish, the way Tembisa had to for this episode's challenge. She may have landed in the bottom two, but we loved the idea of her Provita cheesecake and as HUGE caper fans would have given anything to taste her anchovy and caper sauce.

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What’s your favourite Provita topping? How would you use Provitas in a dish? Share your thoughts on social media using #MasterChefSA.

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