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Wine tasting with Millie – Love Island SA 

08 March 2021
Which Islander does Millie pair well with? 
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It seems Millie is very unsure about who to pursue. In the seventh episode of Love Island SA, Ian warned Xavier, saying that "with that girl, it's like wine-tasting". So we decided to do some much needed Love Island SA wine pairing to determine who this blonde bombshell will go well with. 

Merlot – Xavier:
This is probably one of the most popular red wines in Southern Africa. Not only is it easy on the lips, but it tends to be a bit sweeter than other reds. And if it’s bad, it’s really bad. It has a soft and sensual texture and adapts well to many climates. This wine reminds us of the ever-so popular Xavier.

Pinot Noir – Asad: 
It’s supple and is a bit more complex than a merlot. It’s light in body and less sharp in taste, making it a very drinkable yet respectable wine. It has an underlying earthiness to it, much like the old soul Asad.

Shiraz – Chris: 
As with Chris, almost anyone serious about wine will be able to find a connection. This popular wine is very juicy in taste, filled with undertones of plums or other darker fruits. It’s very easy to drink, and definitely a crowd-pleaser.  

Pinotage – Libho: 
This is a very distinctive wine and has the body and character one can only compare to Libho's. The grape used to make this variant is unique to South Africa. It’s a bold and complex wine with a deep red colour. It tends to have a fruity undertone and depending on its age, you might experience notes of coffee, spices or chocolate. 

Cabernet Sauvignon – Durang: 
Cabernet Sauvignon is also a very popular wine, and just like Durang tends to be bold and a bit dry. It’s a very elegant wine if you’re a serious wine drinker. It is also a safe bet if you need to order off a menu.

Chenin Blanc – Jay: 
This wine is crisp and quite dry, with a hint of sweetness that enhances its scent. Just like Jay, it is richer in body and fresh in flavours.  

Chardonnay – Ian: 
This is a very popular white wine. It tends to be fruity like Ian xxxxxxx

Sauvignon Blanc – Kaige: 
This limeade-like wine is a real thirst quencher. Just like Kaige, it consists of fresh green notes that’ll have you think of a picnic on the lawn or in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – just go with it. 

Who will she pair up with to enhance her Love Island SA dining experience? Find out in the next episode.

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