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Where did it go wrong, Durang? – Love Island SA

11 March 2021
And where did our latest eliminated Islander disappear to?
Durang is out

It’s not like Durang began Love Island at a disadvantage. Despite being the last of the original boys to choose a partner, he was left with the stunning Thimna – and she did step forward for him.

But a series of questionable decisions, wild speculations and impenetrable statements left him on the outs from early on. And in tonight’s episode, he failed to secure a partner and found himself out – permanently.

Following his lucky initial coupling, things started looking less auspicious for the Islander – within hours, he’d forgotten her name, calling her ‘Tina’! And then he forgot EVERYONE else’s names too!

In the process of trying to clarify his previous relationship to Thimna, he managed to perplex viewers, and his ’You feel me?’s and ‘You understand me?’s met with resounding ‘nos’.

When Bombshell Sarah entered the Villa, she chose Durang as her first date, and in a chat with Erin, Thimna revealed that she wasn’t sure about his intentions – whether he wanted a connection or a mere hook-up.

Shortly afterwards, he was making moves on Millie – fishing for her compliments while trying to explain to Thimna why there seemed to be a rift between them. He was clearly keen on keeping his options open!

During the Excess Baggage game, it was casually revealed that he’d ‘lost count after 100’, and he was still struggling to communicate with Thimna – especially about his feelings for Millie…

It all came to a head in episode 3 – and the more Durang spoke, the deeper the hole was that he dug for himself.

The next morning, Thimna woke up on the wrong side of the bed – Durang’s side – and to say that she was annoyed is an understatement. She and her bestie Erin had lost their patience with him and Millie – then in her ‘wine-tasting’ mode.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbxCZCgCcBU&feature=emb_logo

It was time for Durang’s boys to intervene…

It was all for naught though – he was making up stories and they came back to haunt him. Both ladies had reached the end of their tether with his half-truths. His double-play looked like a double cross.

They confronted him. He feigned a headache, dodged responsibility, and spoke in circles. He never really recovered with this – it was red cards from the ladies all ‘round. He tried with a hurried but unwanted breakfast with Thimna, and was thrown lifeline in the first recoupling by Rochelle, but he deserved those multiple creams in Kiss, Marry, Pie.

By the time tonight rolled around, he was fresh out of options – nobody had any interest in Durang. And he seemed to be okay with the fact that his time was over.

We hope you find love in the real world, dog!

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