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Welcome to Friendship Island – Love Island SA 

19 March 2021
Here are five times our Islanders got friend-zoned. 
Friendship Island Love Island SA

It seems that lately, friend-zoning is the favourite thing to do in the Love Island SA villa. Let’s reflect on the top 5 times our Islanders got friend-zoned.

  1. Millie and Jay
    She felt butterflies when she first laid eyes on him, but the butterflies disappeared after Millie realised there was no sexual chemistry between her and Jay. It’s no secret that Millie is the affectionate type, and she soon developed feelings for Xavier, telling Erin that she just wants to “rip his clothes off”. Millie just wasn’t ready to settle for less than a kiss. It seemed Jay was completely oblivious to how she felt, and even though the whole villa knew that it was inevitable, she finally mustered the courage and decided to stop leading him on by friend-zoning him.

  2. Durang and Thimna 
    After Millie and Jay broke it off, the terrible trials of Durang and Thimna commenced: first he eyed Millie, then he said he wasn't. Then he told Thimna’s bestie Erin that he indeed was. Then he told Thimna that Millie was the type of girl he would have gone for “in his old life”. Then we officially lost track. 

    Though it may have seemed Durang friend-zoned Thimna, Thimna eventually friend-zoned him due to his dishonesty about being interested in Millie. And the popcorn was salty!

  3. Rochelle and the boys
    First, she friend-zoned Jay, then she built a barrier of pillows between herself and Ian, then Durang annoyed her with all the cuddles. And finally... Cue Chris. After trying his luck with her, Chris said that it seemed Rochelle was just here “for the holiday”.

    Though Rochelle has quite the resumé of friend-zoning boys in the villa, we do respect her for sticking to her standards. It's clear that Rochelle is far from finding her match and whoever’s next on her friend-zone list is still to be revealed. Here’s hoping she finds what she’s looking for.
  4. Summer and Chris
    Or shall we refer to it as the love-triangle between Barbie and her two Kens? Though she’s never really been in a serious relationship, we thought Summer met the Ken to her Barbie when she coupled up with Kaige. But what transpired can only be compared to driving on a bumpy road filled with uncertainty, tears, frustration, and, of course, a massive pothole called Chris. Though coupled up with Kaige, she decided to test the waters with Chris. And after Chris decided to couple up with her, she soon realised that she had indeed met her Ken long before Chris arrived, and finally revealed to Chris that she felt there was no romantic connection between them.

  5. Thiala and Chris
    From the moment she entered, Thiala fancied Chris, and made no secret of it. But unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual. We take our hats off to Thiala for declaring her feelings to Chris not once, but twice. Chris, however, was turned off by the fact that she seemed to have claimed him as her own amongst the girls and he decided that they couldn't be more than friends.

An honourable mention: 
We’re still not quite sure who friend-zoned who, but by now we know that both Tania and Chris agreed that there’s no spark between them; however, they are open to coupling up in order to find out whether or not there’s potential. Guess we’ll have to wait and see...

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