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Villa vernacular – Love Island SA

10 March 2021
So, you’ve got The Ick, you say?
Connecting like Bluetooth!

Let’s start this correct:

‘Good morning, sexy people!’

This is the common morning greeting in the Villa – but it’s got a special place in our hearts because it cues that gorgeous morning hug between Libho and Chris!

Like / Lark:

We realise a lot of Mzansi people pepper their speech with this common phrase, but our Islanders are next level! Often the two variations occur in the SAME DAMN SENTENCE! The below was suggested:

Please don’t. M-Net takes ZERO responsibility for your alcohol poisoning.

Banter / Bantz:

The most-loved Love Island phrase. If you’ve got ‘good banter’ or ‘good bantz’ with another Islander, you’re getting along well; it’s a fine sign for your relationship. Can also be exchanged with ‘good chatz/chats.’

‘You understand?’

Durang’s favourite phrase. The answer is an emphatic ‘NO!’

Bra / Bru:

Again, commonly used in South Africa – absolutely RINSED in the Villa! Xavier: you have a lot to answer for, boet!


A very important thing to have in the Villa – especially with the opposite sex. This is when you’re getting along with someone, but in a meaningful way. Jay raved about his ‘connections’ in our exit interview – unfortunately they were all with his fellow lads or platonic.

The phrase ‘connecting like Bluetooth’ was coined for Millie and Xavier in our latest episode and we love it!

The Ick:

‘It’s so easy for me to get The Ick,’ Rochelle said recently in a beach hut interview – the phrase refers to when you ‘go off’ your partner; when they start making you cringe.

Deep dish:

Urgh: we can’t believe this has been added to the Love Island SA lexicon. It’s a phrase from the lads’/Asad’s ‘Italian Club’, where sexual encounters are equated with pizza. It means penetrative sex and we highly encourage you NEVER TO USE IT.

Finally, the phrase that pays on every Love Island:

‘I got a text!’

It means they got a text – an SMS on their mobile/cellphone. And some things are about to go down…

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