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The third recoupling – Love Island SA

20 March 2021
​Looking back, we are still quite shocked.  
Recoupling Love Island SA

In a jaw-dropping third recoupling, the newly arrived bombshells Tania and Thiala were given dibs during the third recoupling ceremony. Next, the boys were called to choose who they wish to couple up with. Here are the couples:

Tania and Chris: 
In the week leading up to recoupling, Chris told Thiala he’s just not that into her. Then came Tania, who declared that there’s no spark between her and Chris. However, during the recoupling ceremony, Tania said that there’s a great connection between the two of them. That is exactly why she chose to couple up with Chris as she feels their personalities are a great match. Will true love eventually bloom between these two? Let’s wait and see.  

Thiala and Asad: 
After being given the cold shoulder by Chris, Thiala was approached by Asad earlier the evening. Asad told her that he would like to get to know her better and couple up with her to see where things might lead. At the recoupling ceremony, she revealed that the feeling was mutual, therefore she chose Asad to couple up with. Cheers, you two. Here’s to sharing a bed, being "forced to learn more about each other" and perhaps falling (or not falling) in love... 

Xavier and Millie: 
Did Millie's heart melt? We think so from the looks of her reaction when Xavier declared his love to her. That’s correct! Xavier dropped the L-word! He said that even though Millie is “the clumsy one” in the relationship, he has managed to fall in love with her. According to him, she makes him “the happiest guy in the world”. Will we soon hear wedding bells? 

Libho and Thimna: 
We were glued to our screens, listening to every word Libho said about the “Queen” of his kingdom. According to Libho, not only does he get excited to see her, but he also gets excited about the mere idea of learning something new from Thimna. Que romantic background music! According to him, this beauty from Mosselbay is not the anchor to his ship, but the propeller. More romantic than that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Congratulations, Libho and Thimna. We look forward to following your journey together.


Ian and Summer: 
Though Rochelle was convinced that Ian would choose her, he chose Summer instead and made it very clear how difficult it was to make the decision. But it seems Ian just threw Summer a lifeline. That's correct! This relationship seems to be nothing more than friendly. Ian decided to choose Summer because he feels she is in the villa for the right reasons: to find true love.

Furthermore, he said that even though they’re just friends, he is convinced Summer would have done the same for him.  

Goodbye, Erin and Rochelle:
Seeing that Rochelle and Erin were the only two single Islanders after the recoupling, they were dumped from the villa. Erin and Summer, we here at Love Island SA wish you all the best in your search for love and we are hopeful that you both will soon find the one. 

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