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The second recoupling – Love Island SA 

11 March 2021
Meet the new couples.
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In a bizarre twist, the couples had to recouple for a second time. Some of the new couples we anticipated. Others were quite surprising.  

Libho and Thimna 
Though Libho was in a love triangle with Erin and Thimna, he chose to couple up with Thimna who was initially coupled up with Xavier. According to him, he finds Thimna beautiful, well-spoken and he especially appreciates the way that she speaks to him and to others. Overall, he finds her appealing due to the nature in which she carries herself.  

Chris and Summer 
Chris snatched Summer from Kaige. He chose her because he believes that they have a genuine connection, adding that there’s room in their relationship for something deeper to develop. 

Millie and Xavier  
Millie has been single ever since the first coupling up. During the second coupling up, she chose Xavier. She said she never expected to find a connection like the one between her and Xavier the day she entered the villa. She is very excited to see where their relationship will go.  

Sarah and Asad 
Since the first recoupling, Sarah and Asad’s relationship has transpired to a much more intimate one. She chose to couple up with him again, because, because even though his veganism annoys her sometimes, she feels he is the “coolest guy in the villa”. 

Erin and Ian 
Erin chose Ian because she feels he is her rock, her therapist and a brotherly figure to her. And of course, she says that he is the best cuddler in the villa. “This hasn’t been the easiest journey for me, and although this isn’t friendship Island, it definitely is a comfort having him here,” she said.  

Rochelle and Kaige 
Rochelle was the final person to choose, and she had to decide to either couple up with Kaige or Durang. It appears she threw her besties ex, Kaige, a lifeline and chose him. According to her, Kaige is someone who has meant a lot to her since day one. She finds his jokes and his naughty nature appealing. Though according to her at times he can get a bit irritating, she believes that they have a beautiful relationship.  

Because Durang ended up being the only single Islander after the recoupling, he was dumped from the villa. Here's what he had to say.

Two new bombshells are set to enter the villa and we can not wait to see who they will have their eye on. 

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