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The fifth recoupling – Love Island SA

01 April 2021
Meet our latest couples.
Love Island SA Fifth recoupling

This week, Thiala, Josh, Chris and Summer were dumped from the villa. And if that wasn’t enough, Kitty decided to also leave the villa to pursue Chris. Later on two new bombshells, Dané and Justin, arrived before they and the rest of the Islanders were called to the firepit for the fifth recoupling ceremony.

Seeing that there were more boys than girls in the villa, the girls were given the option of choosing who they would like to couple up with. 

Millie and Asad
At the previous recoupling ceremony, and after her and Xavier called it quits, Millie coupled up with Asad. This week, she decided to remain in a couple with Asad, not only because he has the best hoody collection, but also because according to her the two of them have found the most “unexpected connection in the best possible way”. “He makes me nervous and calm at the same time and I can’t wait to see what we’ll build inside the villa and outside,” she said.

Thimna and Libho
Thimbho and Limna are still going strong. According to Thimna, Libho is the reason for the smile on her face. She said that he makes her feel loved. She also likes waking up next to him and therefore she decided to remain coupled up with him. 

Mischka and Xavier
Seeing that Mischka entered after the last recoupling ceremony, this was her first chance to choose who to couple up with. According to her, Xavier makes her a happy lady, and even though their connection was very unexpected for her, she decided to couple up with him. 

Tania and Ross
At the fourth recoupling ceremony, Tania coupled up with Ross, and seeing that he was dumped from the villa, she was single during this wee’'s recoupling ceremony. Josh initially had his eye on Thiala, who was also dumped together with Ross. Tania said that herself and Josh have an incredible connection, and therefore she decided to couple up with him. 

Tione and Justin
Tione, who was single, coupled up with newly landed bombshell Justin because she finds him “mysterious”. According to her, he intrigues her and therefore she would like to get to know him better.

Dané and Ian
Dané, also new to the villa, had her eye on Ian since she entered. According to her, she enjoys his company and therefore decided to couple up with Ian. We look forward to seeing where things go with these two.


Meet our new couples below: 
Ross and Tania
Xavier and Mischka
Justin and Tione
Ian and Danè
Asad and Millie
Libho and Thimna
Ross and Tania

Unfortunately, Tats was the last man standing, and therefore dumped from the villa. See what he had to say about being dumped below:

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