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The chronicles of Sarah and Asad – Love Island SA

17 March 2021
Was their relationship doomed from the start?
Sarah and Asad Love Island SA

In the previous episode of Love Island SA, Asad was the bearer of bad news and told Sarah that he was just not that into her, and they parted ways. Was Sarah and Asad’s love affair meant to be or doomed from the very start? Here are a few facts about them to consider.

Who they are:
Asad describes himself as fun, caring, kind, energetic, exciting, respectful and trustworthy. Sarah describes herself as a sensitive girl with a hard shell. She is also quite empathetic unless you double-cross her.

What they want:
Asad is looking for someone who is trustworthy and open to new experiences. He says that he needs someone to keep him grounded. Sarah wants someone who will allow her to be who she is.

Their love languages:
Asad is very affectionate. This Jo'burger will spoil you with the occasional foot rub will not mind someone who is affectionate in return. Tip: He is obsessed with neck kisses. Not only is he affectionate, but Asad is also a giver, and should he give you something, he wouldn’t expect anything in return.

Sarah is also a giver but prefers being given things.

What they need from one another:
Asad seems like an extrovert. He needs someone to check in with him every now and again to find out how he’s doing. Sarah on the other hand likes to be given space. She likes boys that give her time and space when she needs it. “Need me when I need you,” she explains.

Their turn-ons:

For Asad, the biggest turn-on about someone else is their ability to trust and be trustworthy. Another big turn-on for him is when someone is respectful, not only towards themselves but also towards others. Sarah is immediately turned on by someone who is emotionally unavailable.

Their dietary needs:
Asad is an ambassador for plant-based living, whereas Sarah does not mind eating produce sourced from animals.

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