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That’s what our Islanders said – Love Island SA 

05 April 2021
Are you following the Love Island SA lingo? 
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The Islanders from Love Island SA have developed their own set of slang and lingo. Here is our attempt to catalogue and explain them all. 

Boet, bru or bra 
“Hey boet, you good?”  
Ja bru, I slept well.”  
“Bra, I can’t believe what happened at the firepit last night.”  
Though it sounds different based on what part of South Africa you find yourself in, the meaning is the same. It’s a term generally used by boys to address their fellow boys in a friendly manner. Are you following, boet

Are you actually joking? 
Some days it’s pronounced “absolutely joking” and others “actually joking”. This is a very familiar phrase in the Love Island SA villa, coined by the beautiful Barbie girl, Summer. Used to describe a feeling of surprise about a matter or annoyance of someone’s behaviour.  

My tjommie 
An Afrikaans phrase referring to a friendship, meaning “my bestie” or “my good friend”. If this term is bestowed upon you, you know your back’s covered by your mate. 

You must joke? 
This term was also coined by our blond bombshell, Thiala, and used to express disbelief, shock or surprise.  
I’m falling in love 
A phrase loosely used by a gorgeous, no-nonsense rugby player from Cape Town, who comes from humble beginnings, and refers to him being conflicted between two girls.  

What’s Gucci?  
This is another way of saying: “What’s good?” Tione introduced us to this phrase, however, it’s a widely used phrase all around South Africa.  

A shortened version of the word vomiting, and a term most often used by Thiala to express general disgust about something in the villa.  

For the ouens 
This is a mantra or war cry used by the male Islanders, meaning for the boys, and it’s usually either used before a challenge, or after a group discussion. 


In a game of That's What She Said, the girls tested out their boys' knowledge of them. Those who failed got dunked – click here to see how it went..

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