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Stalking our Islanders – Love Island SA 

23 February 2021
This is what we found on social media.  
Love Island SA Stalking our Islanders

For the first time, Love Island is heading to South Africa and in less than a week, we’ll be off on an epic romantic adventure. 
On Sunday, 28 February, some of South Africas most attractive singles will be spending the next six weeks in the Love Island SA villa to find their match. And boy, are these Islanders eye candy... with personalities to match! 

We just couldn't wait any longer and went online to stalk each of them. Here's what we can confirm:  

  1. Our Islanders are diverse and from all corners of South Africa. Some of our Islanders are from Centurion, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Mossel Bay.


  2. “Bonjour! Pouvez-vous flirter en français?” Roughly translated, ladies, we’ve got a West African cover model who speaks French entering the villa... Enough said?  


  3. Wait until you meet our pet parents! Some of our Islanders are proud dog owners and love their pups unconditionally. And on social media, they’re not afraid to show it. It probably says a lot about how they’ll treat the love of their life...


  4. It seems one of our Islanders is a bodybuilder with two law degrees – and he's looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with.  


  5. Entering the villa, you can also expect some digital gurus, a massage therapist, a personal coach, a rugby player and even a dancer. Get ready to get physical!


  6. Hollywood is heading to South African shores. Rumour has it that a Demi Moore lookalike and a Brad Pitt doppelganger will be gracing our screens with their appearances in the villa.   


  7. A marketing student fresh from Los Angeles, having worked in the fashion and entertainment industry, is heading to the villa too and she’s single and ready to mingle.  


  8. Never a dull moment! We have fun and quirky Islanders heading our way, and they’re bringing the banter with looks to match!


  9. We have cuties with sexy booties heading to the villa, and you are going to fall in love with all of them! Some of our female islanders are serious bikini enthusiasts and aren't afraid to flaunt some skin. All these ladies have got the X-factor and they’re upping the game in the fashion department too. Bring on the runway!


  10. Let’s not forget about the boys. Tall, toned and tanned! And it seems our male Islanders like it short. From leopard print to baby blue boardshorts – and none of these boys skipped leg day, gals! Our single boys are serious about their gym routines. You are in for a treat.  


Have we got you interested? Then keep a close eye on the M-Net website for more info about our Islanders and be sure to follow us for more updates.  

Join in on the conversation on Twitter and Instagram, or the Love Island SA Facebook page using the hashtag #LoveIslandSA. Tune in 28 February at 20:00 on M-Net to find out more.