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Popping the question – Love Island SA 

29 March 2021
Use these cute ways to ask a girl out.
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Looking for ways to make you stand out from the rest? Whether you want to ask her out on a first date or trying to make it official, it’s always a good idea to put in the extra effort – trust us, girls appreciate it.  

Balance, however, is key. If you approach it with minimal effort, you risk looking like you are not interested enough. At the same time, you don’t want to go too far and seem desperate.  

Here are a few ways to approach to ask a girl out:

  1. Call her on her phone  
    In an era of social media, DMs and blue ticks, a phone call goes a long way. While we recommend you rather do it in person, stand out from the texters and seal the deal by giving her a call if you have no other option.  
  2. Buy flowers 
    It might sound old school to some, but girls love the gesture. Flowers make it clear as daylight that you would like to pursue her romantically – but just ensure that she isn’t allergic.  
  3. Say it on social 
    Imagine standing in front of all your friends saying: “I am interested in this girl, and I am not afraid or ashamed to say it.” Whether it’s with a TikTok dance, an instant Snapchat or an Instagram Story: This will make you stand out amongst the rest. And regardless of how she responds, she’ll definitely appreciate the effort and transparency. 
  4. Ask her out with food 
    This is where you need to get creative: spell it out with whipped cream or ask the grand question with flapjacks shapes. We can assure you that food will do the trick. A bonus would be to use baked goods or pastries, seeing that women have a long connection with these. Bake something delicious and personalise it with your message on it.  
  5. Say it with cheese 
    Consider making it cheesy. It can relieve tension, open up the conversation and allow you to go for gold and ask her the big question. Buy a can of dates, and ask her if she wants one. Buy a lottery ticket, tell her that if she wins, she’s paying for dinner, but if she doesn’t, you’re taking her on a date. It's okay every now and then, but just don’t overindulge in the cheese.  

  6. Remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend  
    It’s a sacred relationship: girls love pretty things. If you want to pop the question, consider presenting your girlfriend-to-be with a beautiful piece of jewellery. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it, but if you’re serious about this girl, know that she is serious about jewellery. 
  7. Say it with a cup of Joe  
    Are you both coffee lovers? Then this one is an easy win, and quite romantic. Head to your local Starbucks and ask the barista to write the question on your date’s coffee cup. Remember to add extra chocolate sprinkles just to show your affection.  
  8. Put it on the big screen 
    If you are courageous enough and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you make the girl of your dreams your girlfriend, contact your local cinema and find out if they’d be willing to display your message on the big screen before the movie starts. It might seem cheesy, but some cinemas actually do this – and it might just convince her to take you up on your offer.  
  9. Say it with a twinkle 
    Girls are suckers for a candle trail. Light a candle trail from the parking area to your house, add rose petals, and when she opens the door, pop the question. Add scented candles or balloons for brownie points. 
  10. Pull a Libho 
    If all else fail, do what Libho did when he asked Thimna to be his girlfriend: get the whole gang involved – use the video below as a guide.

If you want to ask her on a first date, respect her time and schedule though. Notify her at least a week in advance. 

Whatever your approach, just remember that you’re not asking her hand in marriage. Relax, and don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from trying. And if you are a girl wanting to ask a guy out, try these too. no one says the man has to make the first move

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