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Let’s look back – Love Island SA

15 March 2021
We’re just over two weeks into Villa-life – let’s catch up on where we’re at!
Game time in the Villa

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Couples have chopped and changed and Islanders have come and gone – here’s where we are going into week 3!

Five girls competing for love arrived at the Villa: Erin, Millie, Thimna, Summer and Rochelle.

They were joined by five boys: Jay, Kaige, Asad, Ian and Durang. And here’s how they originally coupled up.

Then we introduced the first bombshell of the season: Sarah.

And she had like a lot to say to Kaige about who she liked.

The first couple cracks started early, with Durang expressing an interest in getting to know Millie, and then telling half-truths to both her and Thimna!

Another bombshell arrived: Xavier. And Erin was positively ‘frothing’ – especially after a date in which he revealed his heritage.

That, and a demand from Erin that Asad perceived as ‘an ultimatum for affection’, set the wheels of their crash in motion – and it was a mess of wreckage during the first recoupling, in which Asad was chosen by Sarah. (Initially she predicted it was probably not going to go beyond friendship, but the sexy sparks started to fly between them).

Millie was still with Jay; Rochelle (still struggling to find a meaningful connection) threw what looked like a lifeline to Durang; and Ian had Erin platonically under his wing – despite harbouring feelings for Rochelle, who was not reciprocating.

But it was Kaige and Summer’s relationship that was the grandest saga – full of twists, turns and intrigue.

We introduced not one, but two boy bombshells: Chris and Libho!

Meanwhile, Millie wanted to ‘rip Xavier’s clothes’ off’ – and the sexual chemistry with Jay wasn’t there, so she moved on.

After your first vote of the season, it was Jay who received the least votes and became the first Islander to be dumped.

But the other relationship that hung in the balance was Kaige and Summer’s – because Chris had made his interest the latter clear.

And he snatched her at the second recoupling, setting the cat amongst the pigeons! Other newbie Libho opted for Thimna over Erin, freeing Xavier up to be selected by Millie. Sarah and Asad renewed their intimacies; while Erin and Ian, and Rochelle and Kaige, settled for safe friendships.

This left Durang on the outs, and he was dumped.

Kaige and Chris got into a fierce exchange of words over Summer.

Before Summer friendzoned Chris.

And last thing last week two new bombshells, Thiala and Tania, arrived to unsettle the ladies of the Villa.

After dates with Libho and Chris, Tania met up with Asad, and Thiala with Xavier. Upon returning to the Villa, Libho had to have a hard heart-to-heart with Thimna, who must really be on tenterhooks.

Now that you’re caught up, join us tonight as the two Ts enter the Villa!

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