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Leandie's got the look – Love Island SA

13 April 2021
We checked in with Leandie to talk about some of her favourite Love Island SA looks. 
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Our host, Leandie, looked drop-dead gorgeous during each recoupling ceremony, and though she was the bearer of bad news, she brought it with jaw-dropping looks that left some of the boys in the villa gasping.

Week after week, look after look Leandie says that her stylist, Shiraz Reddy, went out of his way to help her stay true to who she is, and still be fabulous. Each week Shiraz received a brief from M-Net. From this brief, he had to source three looks and sit with Leandie and the rest of her glam-squad to decide which look would best suit her personality.  She says Shiraz's brother, Suri Reddy, and wardrobe assistant, Jaimie Davids, had such beautiful energies. "I really appreciated having them with me."

According to her, it's one thing having an outfit, but the hair and make-up need to complement the look. "My make-up artist and hairstylist, Kathryn Marnewick, was a superstar. She is so competent and there’s not one look that she couldn’t pull off.

"It was like being Barbie getting dressed," she explains. "With each outfit, we wanted to add a touch of something that is me, whether it was the hairstyle, shoes or earrings."

The different looks:
Leandie can't say enough about the black dress, and the short golden one with the beautiful detail she wore during the season. 

"The black dress was specially made for me by Lena Lisa. We needed a black number to suit my personality and she really pulled it off. She made it in two hours, and that was quite remarkable. 

This dress is available for the public too. "It's called the L-Dress," says Leandie. "We launched it during Love Island SA, and people can pre-order it on Lena's website."

The second look they called the Kim Kay Bollywood look. "Though it was quite short, I loved the long glitzy sleeves. I'd wear this dress to a launch or sipping bubbly and eating some sushi at Grand Café or maybe a sky bar in Sandton.  

Besides these outfits, Leandie says that her favourite outfit from the season was the yellow dress worn to the finale. "Shiraz and I worked together from day one to find a dress that I would feel comfortable in. And it was a showstopper."

It was playful yet stylish and together with Lauren R Gautier, Leandie and Shiraz created this beautiful look that made her feel comfortable. "I also changed my hair for that, so that was me completely. 

Leandie look 7
Leandie look 1
Leandie look 2
Leandie look 3
Leandie look 4
Look 1
Leandie look 6

According to Leandie, her glam-squad was incredible and she feels honoured to have presented the first season of Love Island SA with looks that made heads turn thanks to Shiraz and his team.

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