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Jay walking – Love Island SA

09 March 2021
Our first Islander has bowed out.
Jay exits the villa

You voted – and Jay ain’t made it.


Jay found himself – along with Sarah and Summer – in the bottom three after your votes on Friday night.

Before that, new lads Libho and Chris made themselves at home in the Villa with simultaneous brunches with an Islander of their choice – Chris opted for Rochelle (so she scored her third date in two episodes) and Libho chose Thimna.


Rochelle thinks Chris is a flirt; while Thimna is lavishing in Libho’s compliments. But the latter was also pleasantly surprised by her ‘amazing’ conversation with Chris… ‘Nobody gets what they want when they’re all trying to be friends,’ was Asad’s sage advice.

For his part, Asad seems to have moved on from Erin and seems rather friendly with Sarah, while Summer spilled a lot of knowledge about Kaige to Chris. Summer and Kaige’s standing definitely seems to be slipping…


But Jay’s safety was in peril after he was unceremoniously tossed by Millie. Jay has forgiven Xavier for his part in that debacle, but Millie feels like she’s in the cross-hairs – that said, she’s confident that X is the one (we’re far from convinced!).

Following a game of beer pong in which the new boys took their chance – Chris kissing Summer and Libho making out with Erin…

…That unwelcome text message landed…



Cut to tonight, and Jay’s name was the one at the end of that text message. ‘He’s a shy, conservative person,’ said the ultra-conservative Ian. ‘I don’t think he showed a lot of personality.’

Cue the tears, even from Kaige and Asad, who don’t even cry at funerals, apparently… And the first ever elimination from Love Island SA – not really a mantle anyone wants.

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