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How Limna won! – Love Island SA

15 April 2021
And not just the game of Love Island, but in love too!
Libho and Thimna's declaration

Thimna was one of the OGs – a member of the first ten Islanders to enter the villa – and she was initially coupled with burly beefcake Durang. Then Libho entered the villa with Chris, and they made their intentions known, with Chris taking Rochelle on a date, and Libho, Thimna.

Coincidentally, at around the same time, Durang started to show some of his ‘f***boi’ tendencies, accompanied with a heap of dishonesty!

Xavier, another bombshell, also made a play for Thimna – indeed, she actually coupled up with him after their date.

A lot of viewers thought Libho might be Durang.20, with added Xhosa tendencies. It didn’t help that he was using the same playbook on both Thimna and Erin, his other early interest!

Thimna was keeping her cards close to her chest and it took her a while to open up. But it started happening after Libho chose her over Erin at the next recoupling!

There were some glitches – bombshell Tania arrived and was ready to snatch Libho. And he was initially attracted to her, describing her as ‘almost a carbon copy’ of Thimna. He did confirm though that his head wasn’t turned.

But from that point on – and in an environment where being in the friend-zone was common – their feelings grew, culminating in a night in the Hideaway!

The other Islanders noticed, and Thimna was shown due respect in sexy games like the Best Kisser and Heart-rate challenge – much to Libho’s disappointment!

It all culminated on one of THE biggest moments of the season: when Libho rallied the villa to ask Thimna to be his girlfriend! That also lead to another special date.

Their final date was also unique, and it revealed how deep their love was – they were even talking about their parents and living situations!

And… Libho’s mom: she’s IN!

From the season finale, here’s their Love Island journey!

Their winning moment! 😭

And, finally, mom and dad answer your questions!

Congrats to our worthy winning couple!

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